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5 Instagram Lessons for eCommerce Brands from Shopbop

ShopBop_blog (1)Shopbop, a fashionista favorite in the ecommerce world, is more than just a site where you can buy apparel and accessories.

It has a strong, high-fashion-meets-streetwear editorial aesthetic and brand voice, which it carries over into its various social presences, as well.

Shopbop is experiencing healthy audience growth across all its active social networks (17,173 new followers and fans across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest), but is excelling particularly on Instagram in both audience growth (8,296 new followers in April alone) and engagement (1,900 average engagement per post).

This chart shows how Instagram excelled with engagement as a percent of audience in the month of April when compared to its other channels.

I combed through @shopbop‘s most engaging posts in the month of April to see just what is getting followers most excited. Here are some tactics  you should  keep in mind for your own brand on Instagram.

1. The Power of the (Relevant) Quote is Strong

This was Shopbop’s most engaging post (on any social network) for the month of April.

Confessions of an online #shopaholic

A post shared by Shopbop (@shopbop) on

Shopbop does really well with Instagram posts featuring sassy quotes in black and white coloring. 20% of Shopbop’s most engaging Instagram posts in April included this kind of content.

But it’s not just about how the post looks — it’s about the words used. Shopbop is good at selecting quotes that resonate strongly with their #shopaholic audience and at the same time echo back to the eCommerce nature of their brand.

2. Partner with Other Popular Brands

Shopbop understands how powerful it can be to partner with another popular brand, like this beloved pooch:

@toastmeetsworld is an Instagram sensation, with 235,000 followers of his own and a loyal fan base on- and off-line. By tagging @toastmeetsworld and at the same time including their own brand identity in the post (hello, cashmere!), Shopbop leverages @toastmeetsworld’s fan base while simultaneously keeping their own offerings top-of-mind.

Plus, we know that Instagrammers love puppies, and that including puppies in Instagram content is a great engagement-driver.

3. Crowd Surf on Events that Fit Your Market

Who are you trying to target? Shopbop knows, and gains Instagram engagement by piggybacking on the events that their desired audience either attends or would like to attend.

Until next year #Coachella ✌🏼

A post shared by Shopbop (@shopbop) on

This post also does a fantastic job of positioning itself as an attendee and insider in what’s become the very haute-boho scene at Coachella, which is appealing to followers who want the “insider” view of events like these.

4. Strut Your Stuff

I warn brands against focusing so much on entertaining content that they forget to remind followers what their brand sells.

Fact: There's nothing chicer than denim flares and drapey silk. #TapForCredits

A post shared by Shopbop (@shopbop) on

This post,racked up 3,729 in total engagement (twice Shopbop’s standard per-post engagement). That’s because, in addition to being visually appealing, it shows off Shopbop’s trademark on-trend yet approachable style.

Another ingenious element in this post is that every item, from sunglasses to jewelry to jeans, has been tagged with the designer who made it, so while you can’t click straight through to Shopbop’s site, you do have an idea of how to search for the item you want to throw in your shopping cart immediately.

Part of a Bigger Strategy

Instagram is a great tool for social marketers, but we understand it’s not the whole enchilada.

Especially for eCommerce brands,  social programs and campaigns should be cohesive, integrated across all of your channels to maintain a unified voice, and, ultimately, linked to your site and sales.

To learn more about marketing on Instagram, download our compete Instagram Strategy Kit below.

Lucy Hitz

I’m the Head of Marketing Communications here at Simply Measured, where I'm responsible for our content program, social media marketing, PR, and comarketing ventures. I love yoga, The X-Files, peaty scotch, hiking, and poetry. If I were a social media channel, I’d want to be Instagram, but I think I’m Twitter.

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