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5 Lessons from the Trump Hotel Collection’s #TheLife Twitter Chats

Twitter_Generic4_BlogThe Trump Hotel Collection had an ambitious, multi-faceted goal when it began #TheLife Twitter chat series in December 2014.

Mara Mornaghi, Senior Marketing Manager at Trump Hotel Collection, tells Simply Measured:

We wanted to develop ourselves more as a lifestyle brand, not just a hotel brand. Each of our properties provides a different, exceptional experience, and we wanted to bring that to our social channels in a way that’s not overly promotional by talking about holiday shopping or experiential gift-giving or the best of golf.  #TheLife isn’t solely travel-based — it’s about an all-encompassing lifestyle.

By recognizing that their consumers are more than just travelers, the Trump Hotel Collection is able to connect to its target social audience by exploring topics that hit on their common interests, whether aspirational or rooted in reality.

A Tweet from the Trump Hotel Collection's latest #TheLife chat with Eric Trump.
A Tweet from the Trump Hotel Collection’s latest #TheLife chat with Eric Trump.

Here are five lessons your own brand can learn from the Trump Hotel Collection’s #TheLife campaign.

1. Start with Your “Product”

While planning its Twitter chats, the Trump Hotel Collection used an intimate knowledge of its properties and the Trump family itself to choose food- and travel-related participants and themes, ranging from the award-winning chefs at each hotel location to Trump family members’ personal interests.

A question and response from Eric Trump's Twitter chat.
A question and response from Eric Trump’s Twitter chat.

Trump Hotels found that each topic they wanted to hit lent itself nicely to a specific property. For example, Eric Trump’s Twitter chat  was about golf, which played nicely into incorporating Trump National Doral Miami, the best-known of Trump Hotels’ golf offerings and a PGA Tour tournament location.

2. Measure to Identify Progress and Places to Tweak

The Twitter impressions that Trump Hotel Collection received in the hour of their inaugural Twitter chat with Ivanka Trump (24.7 million) almost equalled the number of impressions the brand received in the entire month of November (28 million).

A question and reply from Ivanka Trump's Twitter chat.
A question and reply from Ivanka Trump’s Twitter chat.

This initial chat reached 6 million Twitter users total.

Trump Hotels chose impressions and reach as primary metrics so they could tell how influential the people engaging with them are in their own respective markets.  They  also look at follower count prior to and just after their chats.

3. Combine Traditional PR with Social Data

To identify influencers to participate in their Twitter chats, Trump Hotels started with what they call a  ” traditional PR approach.” They searched their contacts for golf writers, columnists, and professional golfers, as well as anybody associated with the Trump family.

Then, Trump Hotels  narrowed down their influencer list by conducting social research, looking at who they were following and what their social presences looked like on a holistic level before reaching out to them.

4. Thread it Through 

Chelsea Hover, Social Media Strategist at MMGY Global, told Simply Measured, “#TheLife takes the lead on our Twitter chats, but it is also present in a lot of the different content we place on social. Several of our Pinterest boards are #TheLife at X, Y, and Z  property, or Living #TheLife. We’re also working on ways to fit #TheLife into the in-guest experience, so that it becomes synonymous with the Trump brand.”

Whatever you’re doing on social, make sure you’re consistent and reinforcing that messaging across all your platforms, both on- and off-social.

5. “We’re Trying to Have Fun with It”

Mara  sees conveying brand personality and receiving social feedback as central to Trump Hotel’s Twitter chat exploration: “It’s an engagement back-and-forth, a give-and-take dialogue. It’s Ivanka and Eric and our future guests just being themselves and providing their insight on what they’re passionate about and what they love to do. The Trumps are immensely savvy and influential on social media themselves, and believe in the power of communicating in a personal way through the Trump Hotel Collection’s brand channels as well. The Trumps are very involved with whatever we do and are happy to be part of it. They’re owners who are actually part of the process. I think that’s very much who we are. It differentiates us from the other brands out there.”

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