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5 Questions You Need to Ask About Your Social Strategy (And How to Answer Them)

I can’t lie. Right now it’s pretty good to be me. I run social at a social analytics company, and we just introduced a game-changer to the market. Now I have answers to the questions that constantly come up in my line of work, but were previously difficult–if not impossible–for me to answer.

How to Increase Social Conversions

I’m able to dig in and use our new three-pronged Social Analytics Solution, which includes Social Attribution, Social Analysis & Monitoring, and the Social API. In the short time that I’ve been guinea-pigging our new solution, we’ve already unearthed new strategy-altering findings about our social media presence. How? Here are a few of the questions I’ve been able to answer using the new solution.

How Does Social Impact Our Business Goals?

Being able to analyze all of my social profiles and their impact on business goals like e-mail signups and webinar registrations in one comparative viewer brings tears to my eyes (yeah — I’m a nerd). Being able to chart the performance of your social channels based on the goals relevant to your business is, quite simply, everything. We’ve already begun to retool our social strategies for webinar promotion based on this analysis.Clip2

How Do Certain Pages Convert for Owned Social?

When is the last time you’ve been able to follow social activity down a funnel for a specific domain or URL? Probably never. Now, I’m going hogwild in here, constantly looking for the pages and domains that drive social goal completions.


How Does Earned Impact Revenue?

What’s the $ value of an influencer’s post? Now you know. Discovering the business value and revenue driven by earned media is a good way to shake up the establishment. You can expect to see many people completely retooling and retargeting their influencer and partnership programs based on these insights.


How Much Value Does Dark Social Contribute?

I’m not afraid of the dark anymore! We’ve brought Dark Social into the light and incorporated it as an Earned channel that you can isolate, analyze, and optimize for. And, most importantly, social marketers can now take complete credit for ALL the traffic they drive.



How Do My Social Metrics Correlate with Business Value and Revenue?

We all know that engagement metrics are a big part of the picture. Impressions, engagement, visits, and the other foundations of a social media marketer’s metric toolbox are essential for us to prove social’s value. However, what we’ve previously been largely unable to do is prove which of these metrics has the biggest impact on business value and revenue.

Beyond Engagement: Why Brands Must Use Outcomes to Prove, and Improve, Social Success

What if, this whole time, you’ve been optimizing your campaigns for engagement, when in actuality engagement isn’t correlated with business value, but visits are? Knowing this, you would have to tailor your strategy to drive click-throughs, rather than Retweets.Clip3I know there’s probably a lot of you who feel like Anne Hathaway right now, but this is something you can get for your brand right now!

Otherwise, you can definitely expect more blog posts from me and my team about the insights we’re learning as we utilize all of these new dashboards and data.

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How to Measure Dark Social and Attribute Revenue


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