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5 Social Tactics to Bring to a Desert Island

You’ve probably played this game before: If you could only bring x people/items to a desert island, who/what would they be?

Let’s bring this question to the social sphere: If you could choose only five essential tactics to put some shine in your social strategy, what would they be? 

Social Campaign Checklist

Here at Simply Measured, we work with dedicated social marketers everyday. I asked some of my most hip team members to whittle down all the things they’ve heard from these folks into one essential tactic they believe any marooned social marketer could not live without.

So, grab a Mai Tai and check out these five social tactics to bring to a desert island.

Make Contact with Your Influencers

alyson andrews

Hey, you’ve gotta have someone to help you get off the desert island, right? If not, at least they can spread the word about you to everyone on the mainland!

Kidding aside, understanding and building relationships with your influencers is something I tell everyone to take advantage of. They will spread the word about your brand to all of their friends, followers, readers, and fans, and you get to tap into a demographic that may not have known about your brand otherwise.

Plus, most people follow influencers because they want to be like them or they’re inspired by them in some way. People buy from people they trust, and if an influencer is touting your brand, be prepared to see your sales (or at least website traffic!) skyrocket. – Alyson Andrews, Enterprise Account Manager

Check Content Types by Network


Keep paying attention to how different types of content perform on different networks. If links earn more engagement on Twitter than on Facebook, you should know that and invest your time and efforts accordingly.

Don’t waste your content on an audience that doesn’t respond to it. Bonus points: Build on the strengths of each network to test content for other networks.

For the above scenario, you could use Twitter as a staging ground to test all of your links and prove their success before deciding which ones to post on other networks to set yourself up for success. Or, test photo content on Instagram prior to putting it on Pinterest.  – Christian Brown, Onboarding & Education Specialist

Keep the Sales Flowin’


At the end of the day, what matters? SALES!  It’s great to have engaging content but engagement on its own could lead you to just post lots of funny cat memes.

The reason you monitor engagement is to understand the effect you’re having upon your consumers and how it’s affecting their brand loyalty or purchase desire.

Rather than using engagement as a litmus for site traffic or sales, look straight to your web site traffic. How much traffic are you driving from your social channels today?(Remember, different social channels are optimized differently!) You can use this data as your barometer for success moving forward.

Focus on sales and you’ll create content that affects sales.  – Cameron Voetmann, Account Manager

Sort Through Different Types of Engagement

IMG_0792 (1)

I would bring my engagement breakdown. Not all types of engagement are created equally, so it’s essential to dig a little deeper to optimize for amplifying engagements. Favorites are great, but look for your top retweeted posts to understand what inspires your audience to share content.

Also, could I go to a dessert island instead?. When I was in 4th grade, my teacher told me that dessert has two S’s because you always want more of it. Truer words were never spoken. – Linda Schwaber, Onboarding & Education Lead

Anchor Yourself with Measurement

Katy Whitney

If you build your own boat and it sinks, you’ll make some tweaks and try again. What if that one sinks? You’ll try again, but maybe change up a few big things (sails? paddles? other boat things?). Maybe now it gets a bit further, but you see a crack starting to form, so you quickly apply some… bark (?) and you’re good to go.

With social media, you need to know if the boat is taking on water before it actually sinks so you can either change course or plug up the holes. There’s no way to know that without dependable reporting. – Katy Whitney, Account Manager

Set Sail, Social Marketers

Okay, we’ve gone a little far with the desert island theme, but why not? It’s more fun than dark caves or frozen tundras. Social in the sun!

Do you have an essential tactic? One that supports the success of your program more than any other? Let us know in the comments below.

Bridget Quigg

Hello, fellow Marketeers. My job at Simply Measured is to tell Kevin and Lucy how awesome they are at running the blog. Because, they are.

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