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5 Surprising Tips for Tweets That Drive Engagement

5 Surprising Tips for Tweets That Drive Engagement

In our recent Twitter benchmark report, we analyzed over 23 million engagements (Retweets, @Replies, and favorites)  from 117 million users interacting with 145,828 brand Tweets over the course of Q4 2014.

What can you learn from these users? Below are five tips based on findings from the study. Be sure to test these tips for your own company, as they’re based off findings from the largest brands in the world. These are averages from one quarter, and may not hold true for your brand. For more details, download the full study for free today.

1. Tweet Text Only

Screenshot 2015-02-18 08.30.45

Photos, videos, and links averaged less than eight  replies per post, but text-only posts averaged 14 replies each.  Photos, videos, and links also averaged 52 retweets per post, while text-only Tweets averaged  86 retweets. Consider working more plain-text Tweets into your plan and test the results.

2. Use Your 140 Characters

Screenshot 2015-02-18 08.23.54


Tweets with over 120 characters averaged twice as many engagements as Tweets with fewer characters.  Consider using all the space available to you, and test the results.

3. Use Hashtags…But, Not Too Many

Screenshot 2015-02-18 08.35.15Tweets that included more than three hashtags saw a significant drop in engagement. Tweets with only one hashtag  earned the highest engagement. Be strategic about your hashtag use. Keep them targeted and limit the quantity. #YOLO

4. Use Links and Hashtags Together

Screenshot 2015-02-18 08.43.08


Tweets that contained both a hashtag and a link saw higher engagement than Tweets that just contained a hashtag or just contained a link. By using a hashtag that adds exposure, and providing value with a relevant link, you have the opportunity to make a greater impact.


5.  Show Excitement and Convey Urgency

Screenshot 2015-02-18 08.47.13


Tweets with exclamation points saw higher engagement than Tweets with question marks or periods. Tweets with the terms “right now” or “today” saw increased engagement, as well.  Inject some urgency and excitement into your next Tweet. See how your audience responds.

Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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