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5 Topics Social Marketers Are Buzzing About Right Now

Last week, 350+ marketers descended upon Seattle for a meeting of minds at =LIFT(Social), our first ever user conference.

5 Topics Social Marketers Are Buzzing About Right Now

After slaving hours and hours away with the setup and prep, on the day-of I was able to kick back, relax (sort of), and learn. When I wasn’t furiously scrambling to get my life together and tracking down a handful of internet friends to meet IRL, I was able to catch a few sessions and learn what the industry’s top social media marketers are buzzing about.

To Snapchat or Not to Snapchat?

Most social media marketers are probably asking themselves, “Is Snapchat worth it for my brand?” This is a great question. Snapchat is certainly not for everybody, but it’s definitely something you should consider.

At =LIFT(Social), many of our speakers touched on Snapchat, but an equal number told us they’re not using Snapchat for their businesses yet.

Is Snapchat a social network all brands should adopt? Maybe, maybe not, but it is certainly one of the most efficient ways to connect with social media users between 13 and 34 years old. Check out some Snapchat stats below!

Next Level Video

We all know video is the go-to format for top content and social marketers. If you’re not attributing a significant amount of resources to your brand’s video marketing, you’re surely going to be left in the dust.

Sophisticated marketers have already departed from the traditional video format to explore new and creative video methods. Take this cool 360 degree experience from Red Bull and YouTube as an example.

Departing from traditional video formats and embracing new-school technology is top-of-mind for all marketers.

Granted, these types of experiences come hand-in-hand with big budgets, so right now only big brands are focused on mediums like YouTube 360. However, all marketers are inspired by these advances and are buzzing about how to best optimize their own video marketing.

Twitter Moments and Snapchat Stories


Twitter Moments and Snapchat Stories are very similar. Both of these features help their users find the “best of” their respective networks in real-time.

With these social networks leading the way, marketers are being forced to focus more so on real-time engagement and coverage. This is a seismic shift in social media strategies and we can expect to see brands take serious advantage in the near future.

Facebook’s Reactions


“The dislike button is finally here!,” they said.

Well, not quite. Facebook is testing out six new reactions in Ireland and Spain. Facebook users will soon have six options, labeled as “Love,” “Haha,” “Yay,” “Wow,” “Sad,” and “Angry.” These “Reactions” will populate when users hover over the Like button. This update has marketers shaking in their boots. This will be a seismic shift in the way that people engage on Facebook and brands are already thinking about re-tooling their strategies.

Dark Social

As social media marketers, we strive for social shares! But, programmatic ad buying platform RadiumOne estimates that ~70% of social shares are “dark.”

“Dark social” is traffic that originated from the share of a URL, but is marked as direct traffic in your web analytics tool. How much of your social efforts are being chalked up to direct traffic? Odds are that it’s a decent amount. Navigating these murky waters and shining light on dark social is top-of-mind for nearly all sophisticated social media marketers right now.

You can expect to see these five things become increasingly popular amongst marketers as 2016 approaches. For a greater understanding of where the social marketing industry stands right now, download our 2015 State of Social Marketing Report below.

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