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5 Ways Big Brands Need to Think About Social Media

Every company has a different set of needs for their social media programs. For large brands with a big audience, these needs can be different than they are for a young, growing company.

I recently heard a friend from a large, household brand say “It’s been a huge adjustment as we’ve grown. When we were smaller, we could test just about anything on social media. We’d pick fights and take stances just to see how our audience would react. As we’ve grown, we have to put a lot more thought into how we represent the brand. It’s a tough challenge, but one we’ve embraced.”

The issues that large brands face may be different, but can provide lessons for any company. Here are five ways to refocus as your company crosses the threshold into enterprise territory. To measure your own social accounts, check out a FREE trial of Simply Measured. We work with enterprise brands around the world to give their social programs context.

Benchmark against competitors

Facebook Competitive Analysis

For big brands, it’s crucial to keep track of what your competitors are doing for benchmarking purposes.  I hear from a lot of brands who “don’t know if they are doing well” because they have no context.   Measuring your efforts against your direct competitors’ will very clearly help you gage how successful your page should be and where you need to step it up.   A few weeks back I was chatting with a major cell phone carrier on the day that T-Mobile unveiled their “Uncarrier” program.  This brand started tracking #Uncarrier and the various T-Mobile profiles to understand what they were up against so they could come up with a plan of action. That understanding helped them define their strategy.

Have a Voice

There is nothing worse than a generic status update.  Successful community managers understand that the best content is authentic.   Social media is meant to personify a brand to consumers and create a relationship.  Fans and followers want to feel like the content was written by someone who they would want to carry on a conversation with in real life and someone who understand them.   A great example of this would be this ( recent tweet by the Portland Trail Blazers where the admin created an update reflecting the true sentiment of their fans in a clever way.   Content should inform, inspire and indulge your audience.

Respond to People

customer service

Big brands know that their community should feel like, well…. A community.   When people post on your Facebook page or mention you on Twitter, they want you to respond.  Successful community managers know that social media is a great tool to drive home the fact that they truly care about their customers.   Many major brands have taken it a step further and created dedicated customer service handles on Twitter.  Customers are going to get angry and try to publically call out brands on social media – It’s a fact of life.  Community managers have the unique ability to take that angry customer from a hater to a lover through finesse and timely response.

Set Your Own KPIs

There seems to be wide spread misconception that there is a standard set of KPIs that applies to everyone.  This should not be the case for your social media programs.  Large brands have grasped the concept that in order to show success, the first step is defining what success looks like for them specifically.  Yes, growing your page is good and increasing engagement is important, but the true goal of your social media program should require you to look at other (maybe less obvious) metrics.    I recently spoke with a large brand whose goals value shares over all other engagement and had created a “Share Rate” metrics to track the success of their Facebook posts.

Develop an influencer / loyalty program

Influencers on Twitter

We have seen countless examples of agencies and direct brands alike spending tons of time identifying true brand advocates (especially on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).  Being able to leverage people who are sharing positive content about your company is hugely powerful.   Some brands we work with send gifts to their biggest advocates on social media or reward them in some other way.  Word of mouth is one of the most effective marketing tactics out there and influencers are a great way to spread the word.

Simply Measured can help you collect, organize, and gather insight from your social data, no matter what size your company is. To find out how, take a tour of Simply Measured today:

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