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5 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates on Your Payment Page

When it comes down to what really counts on an eCommerce site, it doesn’t matter how many clicks you’re getting – it matters what the conversion rates on your payment page look like. You may very well be getting far more visitors than your competitors, but if you aren’t sealing the deal with a sale, you’re no further ahead.

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Here are five ways you can update your website and payment page to instantly help you start converting more of those potential sales into hard sales.


Keep Your Form Field Simple

Increase Conversion Rates Keep Your Form Field Simple

Think about what information you actually need from your customers and leave it at that. Don’t start asking for all sorts of unnecessary information at this point in the game, because you’re risking them getting tired of your questions and abandoning their purchase altogether. If you’re shipping something out to them, of course you’ll need their mailing address, but you don’t need to know what the weather is like or if they prefer coffee or tea.

The shorter and simpler your lead form is, the more likely they’ll work through it and complete it. So, keep it to the basics – name, email address, phone number if necessary, and mailing address if something needs to be shipped. Once they’re a customer, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask follow-up questions, so don’t worry about that for now. Edit your form to eliminate the unnecessary elements with the help of an editor at Boomessays or UK Writings, who have experts in every field that can lend you insight into what is needed on your lead form.

Lessen the Hassles at Checkout

Increase Conversion Rates Lessen the Hassle

Along with shortening the lead form, shortening the exit through the checkout helps move people through faster and helps prevent them from abandoning their carts.

If they have to keep jumping through hoops to make their purchase final, they’re likely to just throw up their hands and give up. The more steps involved in the purchase, the higher the chance they will not finalize the purchase. In short, speed up your checkout so you don’t lose customers.

One great feature for return customers is the ability to save their credit card details on file, so they won’t even have to pull out their wallet the next time they want to make a purchase. Build a page that is simple, easy to navigate, and hassle-free, with the help of online page-building services like Unbounce and InstaPage. Conversion-tested templates and other resources help you get a quick start to begin converting almost immediately.

Optimize for MobileIncrease Conversion Rates Mobile Payment Optimization

Customers are increasingly browsing and completing transactions through mobile phones. In fact, 55% of all time spent on retail websites takes place on a mobile device, so if you aren’t set up for mobile use, you’re instantly missing out on potential sales.

Not only do you have to make your website viewable on a mobile phone, but you’ve got to make it easy to read and navigate. This involves more than just shrinking everything down to fit a smaller screen size. It means designing a mobile-friendly version of your site that is light on text and has easy-to-navigate buttons and menus. Easy Word Count is a great tool that can help you minimize your text. When you’re writing your mobile-friendly text, every word counts, so be sure there are no errors in your content with the help of the grammar and proofreading resources at State of Writing.

Keep Things Local

One of the things that can be quite disappointing and jarring for a customer trying to make a purchase is finding out, either at the checkout or later on their credit card statement, that the price listed was not in the currency of their own country. Having the ability to show prices in the local currencies gives customers a more accurate idea of what they’ll be paying in the end, so that when they get to the checkout they aren’t given a different price than what they were expecting all along.

Block Fewer TransactionsIncrease Conversion Rates Block Fewer Transactions

Having a fraud policy is great to prevent bad transactions from going through, but if you have a policy that’s too strict you could be blocking real customers in the process. Attract real customers in with your engaging copy, generated with the help of a copywriting tool like EssayRoo, then help them finalize their purchase with an easy, barricade-free purchase process. PaperFellows can be another great source of copywriting resources, to help you create attractive and interesting copy that draws in your customers.

Know How Social Converts

It’s important not to forget the power of social media to increase conversion rates. Nearly a third of online shoppers (31%) say they are using social channels to browse products and discover new things to buy. It’s important to make a smooth connection between your social profiles and your payment pages. Features like Instagram’s “Shop Now” button simplify the path to purchase.

Using a social analytics solution, like Simply Measured Conversion Tracking, you can identify which social channels are driving the most traffic to your website and leading to purchases. Investing in the right social channels could make a significant impact on your conversion rates.

Simply Measured Conversion Tracking
Simply Measured Conversion Tracking

When you’ve done all of the hard work of attracting visitors to your site and getting them to work through the purchase process, you don’t want to end up losing them at the last minute on your payment page. Implement these five tips in order to help boost the conversion rates you’re seeing and finalize more sales.

For even more resources on how you can grow your business and increase sales, read our blog post, “These Marketing Tools Can Save You Time and Grow Your Business.”

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