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5 Ways That Agencies Can Use Social Listening

Listening 101: A Beginner’s Guide

There are more than five ways that agencies can use social listening to grow their book of business. But these are the biggies: the game-changing value props we’ve heard about from agencies that actually use listening today. 

1. Expand Current Partnerships

Social listening helps you do what you’re already doing better, by creating more effective content and strategy. But, as an agency, you are constantly looking for ways to expand your client partnerships. Expanded partnerships lead to more revenue and retention, but when you are already well-established with a client, it can be challenging to find new ways to present incremental value. Listening offers an opportunity to present a new and valuable service to your client, including:

  • Emerging trend identification: There is a ton of noise on social media. Millions of conversations are happening simultaneously, and it’s a real value-add to be able to identify which conversations are most relevant to your client’s brand.

Listening LayersSocial listening gives you immediate, ongoing access to the conversations happening in your client’s industry, around their brand specifically, and around specific products.

  • Competitive analysis: Now you can offer your clients the level of competitive analysis they’re looking for, from sentiment analysis comparisons to share-of-voice around specific keywords and topics.
  • Influencer marketing: More on that later in this post.

2. Get Event-Based Insights in Real Time

Using Simply Measured Listening, Dixie Roberts of HangarFour was able to quickly create queries related to her client’s presence at BeautyCon Los Angeles. Dixie compiled data visualizations and influencer insights from the Simply Measured Listening dashboard and presented them to the client as part of a summary of the event’s success.

HangarFourDixie’s deliverable to the client was comprised of total volume trends during the event, a list of emerging micro-influencers who were most active, and the content being shared most, especially by the micro-influencers. She also included a word cloud showing the top words, hashtags, and emoticons from the event.

Lastly, she added a screenshot of the entire Simply Measured Listening dashboard to give the client a taste of the additional data she had access to, should they choose to add the social conversation insights service in future projects.

The Result

Thanks to Dixie’s presentation, the client decided to add the social conversation insights service to their agreement for future projects. The client relationship is both strengthened and expanded. With Simply Measured Listening, Dixie and her team are now equipped to efficiently set up queries, extract insights, and present them to the client in a meaningful way.

“The biggest win has been the ability to show clients what we can do for them with social conversation insights,” said Dixie. “Compared to other listening products, Simply Measured Listening is more flexible, has a quicker turnaround, and presents the data in a way that lets my team find insights quickly, so that our clients can easily understand the story we are telling.”

To read the full case study, head here. 

3. Identify and Categorize Influencers for Clients

Influencer marketing is the term on the tip of every marketer’s tongue (say that three times fast…). With a listening solution, you can easily identify influencers for your clients’ brand(s) across multiple social channels.

InfluencerThis information strengthens your pitch decks and RFP’s, but also acts as another lever for you to pull to bring more revenue in to your agency. Once you’ve identified influencers, you can also initiate, own, and evolve those relationships.

4. Keep a Pulse on Brand Sentiment

Use positive brand sentiment as a baseline metric you can focus on improving for clients. This gives you yet another measurable improvement factor to show off to clients on a regular basis, especially after a specific event or campaign you’ve executed. It’s also a great way to show how you’re helping your client increase positive sentiment vs. the competition in a certain field, or vs. another product line.

Listening SentimentYou can also drill down into your earned content to understand which posts and channels are driving the most positive and negative sentiment for a brand.

5. Get to Know Your Client’s Demographics…

…on-the-fly, right before you pitch.

But it’s not just about gathering demographic background on your client’s audience—your client probably knows their target demographics, to some extent. You likely won’t be blowing their minds.

What about being able to explain, from a data-driven perspective, how each individual slice of your client’s demographic pie feels about their world or the problem they’re trying to solve or the need they’re trying to fill?

DemographicsFor instance, let’s say your client is a job-finding app. You bring them social listening data which exposes that women between 18-24 bring up financial struggles when they talk about the term “career,” but women ages 35-44 bring up work-life balance when they talk about “career.” This could completely alter your client’s GTM plan, content marketing, and messaging approach.

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