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5 Ways to Reach Your Audience on #ValentinesDay

It’s Valentine’s Day, and countless people worldwide do something romantic to celebrate their love: gifts, flowers, cards, dinner, movies. On this first major gifting event of the year, consumers in the U.S. alone spend over $18 billion, which is about $137 per person who participates in this holiday.

Using Simply Measured’s social listening tool, we have tracked #ValentinesDay for the past few weeks to understand what is driving the conversations around Valentine’s Day this year.

There are over 275K mentions of #ValentinesDay on Twitter so far in the U.S., a jump of about 800% from the beginning of February until today.Over one-third of the mentions are driven by ads, coupons, sweepstakes, and giveaways.

Valentine's day trends, Simply measured. Social media listening
Top Trends Within the #ValentinesDay Conversations Powered by Simply Measured’s Social Listening

This is not a surprise, as more and more consumers shop online and look to their peers on social media to find gift inspiration. These micro-moments in the consumer’s decision journey present marketers with an immense opportunity to meaningfully connect with their consumers and help guide purchasing decisions.

Let’s look at some of the strategies being used by advertisers on social media this Valentine’s day.

1. Partnering with Influencers

In addition to offering access to highly targeted audiences, social media allows brands to connect with consumers more directly and at a large scale. Adding this to the huge following influencers bring on social helps marketers reach a much wider audience of people who already follow and admire the influencer. Brands like Macy’s are collaborating with influencers to extend the reach of their products this Valentine’s Day.

2. Broadening the Scope of Gifts

Social media advertisers realize that people don’t just shop for their significant others on Valentine’s Day. People buy gifts for friends, co-workers, and even pets. Some advertisers have intentionally used this opportunity to showcase their products for pets, from pet insurance to treats.

3. Creating How-To Videos

According to a Google study in 2015, nearly one in three millennials say they’ve purchased a product as a result of watching a how-to video. When someone asks how to do something, it shows that they have an immediate need. Brands like Whole Foods are using this opportunity to connect with their audience when they need them most, generating brand awareness and ultimately driving sales.

4. Expanding the Realm of What We Love

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, most of us think about our significant others, and some think of their friends or pets, but not much beyond that. National Geographic has taken their Valentine’s Day message beyond the usual to excite people about nature and the environment. They have added their own hashtags, as well: #MyClimateAction.

5. Not Forgetting the Home-Stayers

While a lot of people prefer to go out to the movies with their loved ones on Valentine’s Day, there is a growing segment who prefers to stay in the comfort of their homes, relaxing and maybe cooking. Marketers have not forgotten about this segment, and they have shared many ways to make staying at home more enjoyable, with recipes for chocolate strawberries and suggestions for room decor and lighting.

Advertisers and marketers have realized that social media is not just one more marketing channel they can use. It has become much more valuable, given that 78% of the country’s population has a social network profile, and that number is continuously growing. This provides an incredible platform for marketers across the board to listen in to these conversations and uncover who their audience is and what their needs are, especially around occasions like Valentine’s day.

For example, women are more vocal on social media about #ValentinesDay than men.

Gender Breakdown Within the #ValentinesDay Conversations Powered by Simply Measured’s Social Listening

Such insights can be useful, as they put together relevant offers to help their audiences in their purchasing decisions and create a better customer experience overall.

Do you gather insights from your social audience? How do you use them in your marketing programs? If you need any help planning and improving your own social programs, download our checklist below!

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