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5 Ways to Track Your Content on Social

Jade Furubayashi
Jade Furubayashi

Published any good content on social lately? How are you measuring its success? There is certainly more than one way to slice the content assessment apple because a lot depends on your industry and audience.

To offer one socially-savvy perspective, I sat down with Jade Furubayashi, Simply Measured’s Social Media Manager, to find out some of the most common ways she tracks the success of our original content pieces on social media. Here are five groups of metrics she uses.


When I’m measuring content, I’m coming at it from a few different angles. On the one hand we’re looking for content that’s really engaging. The best way to measure that is through engagement metrics specific to each platform. So, for Facebook its Likes, comments, and shares, for Twitter its Retweets, favorites, and mentions, etc.

Also, in my opinion, within engagement there are different levels, some of which have higher stakes. There are engagements that, as a social media manager or content marketer, you value more than others. For example, someone favoriting  a Tweet is pretty passive, similar to a Like on Facebook. People would argue different things but, for me, I think the most valuable type of engagement on Twitter is a Retweet and on Facebook is a share.

A lot of people believe that the most valuable engagement on Twitter is replies and on Facebook it’s comments because those generate conversation. That’s valid. But, I think that if you’re trying to decide which content to produce to increase your brand’s reach, you’re going to want to focus on the sprawl of content, rather than comments and replies, where it can stay isolated.

Click Thrus

Another way of assessing success is measuring what is driving traffic to your website.

5 Ways to Track Your Content on Social

This is very different from traditional engagement. The most engaging pieces aren’t always the ones that people click through to the most. People may like to share stuff, though they’re not necessarily reading it. We’ve found, also, there are different times when we’ll see more of a certain activity. In the morning we drive a lot of traffic to our website and in the night we drive a lot of engagement.


We just recently put out our “1 Million Twitter Users: A Study of People Who Follow Brands” study that had a graphic showing how followers of H&M cross over heavily with followers of Starbucks. People were really into that. You want to keep an eye out on things where people say, “This was really cool,” or “I really enjoyed reading this” because that’s important. And, it’s not something you can necessarily quantify but it’s something you can bring into your meetings with your content team, for example.


When we’re talking about gated content, you want to see what people think has enough value for them to click through, fill out a form, and then download something. That’s an indication of a very strong piece of content. If the conversion from visit to download is high you know you’re hitting on something that is thought provoking and interesting enough that they won’t just bail when they see a form.


Who is engaging with your content? We did some content analysis by persona. We were looking at, based on Twitter bios, all the people who shared a guide or other piece of content. We analyzed each piece of content by the role of the person who shared it, such as community manager or social strategist. You could do that for a variety of different industries and audiences. You’re making sure you’re hitting your target market and the people you intend to write you when you produce the content.

I noticed, when we’re talking about studies versus guides, studies attracted a lot of community managers and independent social media professionals, and guides worked for social media strategists and social media managers. Studies are more for everybody in the social community whereas a guide on “How to Create a Global Social Media Strategy” are more niche.

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