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5 Ways to Use Twitter Lists as a Marketing Tactic

5 Ways to Use Twitter Lists as a Marketing Tactic

twitter_listsTwitter Lists are a great way to recognize, organize, and interact with different segments of your audience. As a social marketer, this can mean saving a lot of time sifting through feeds and searching for users.

On top of that, lists can be a simple tactic for engaging with potential customers, partners, and clients without beating them over the head with tweets and messages.

Here are a few reasons that a solid collection of lists can help as part of your Twitter strategy:

How to Use Twitter Lists as a Marketing Tactic

1. Sorting Privately: The biggest misconception I had before using lists myself is that they all had to be public. I’d been added to lists before and they show up in my “interactions” tab. This doesn’t have to be the case. Private lists are a great way to identify and sort users in a way that benefits you and your company without letting the world see behind the curtain. For example, say you work for a B2B company that sells to CIOs for major corporations. Private lists are a great way to sort the companies, business leaders, and target users without letting them know your list is 2,000 people long.

2. Sorting Publicly: I like to call this tactic “boosting egos”…creative, I know. You’re welcome. But the truth is that we all like to have our egos boosted from time to time. Lists are a great way to do that. If you have a customer base, partners, and influencers that you want to recognize, lists are a great way of doing that without tweeting “I love @RandomUser!” to the entire Twitter universe. Creating a list called “Business Insight Experts” (or another title more appropriate for your specific industry) isn’t as blatant, but also recognizes and promotes the users you’re interested in promoting.

3. Monitoring: This is the most obvious and practical use of lists. If you use a Twitter management tool like Tweetdeck, lists are the best way to organize your content. I follow almost 2,000 people, so in one feed, it’d be impossible to keep up. By separating them into lists (ie social media experts, social media news, humor, national news, people I actually know), I’m able to stay up on everything¬†and keep track of what’s important to me at any given time.

4. Growing Your Audience: Lists do more than just organize Twitter followers, they’re an engagement tool. If you have a public list and add a user to it, they’re immediately made aware of your brand. Without ever sending a Tweet (or even following them, if you have an agenda that would discourage that), you put yourself on a user’s radar in a unique way. This engagement can encourage a user to follow your brand, building your audience.

5. Becoming the Authority: A bonus to the list-using tactic is the fact that it sets you up as an authority. If you create a list of “Social Media Experts” then you must know your stuff, because you’ve compiled a list of a bunch of other people who know their stuff. If your list is solid, it can become a destination for users looking for expertise. I personally have Tweetdeck feeds from several lists that aren’t mine, nor do I belong to.

Interested in creating lists? Simply Measured’s Audience Analysis can help sort your followers by level of influence, identify keywords across their profiles, and identify their top Klout topics.

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