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6 Brainstorm Resources for Content Marketers

Ok, let’s face it—brainstorming effective content week after week can be difficult.

Content marketers are tasked with positioning their brands as thought leaders, staying one step ahead of the competition. The process of brainstorming, budgeting, creating, editing, publishing, monitoring (and repeating) can take a toll on our creativity. Content marketers can find themselves cycling through a repetitive content-planning process and recreate similar content time and time again, simply because they aren’t finding the right resources to enhance their brainstorming capabilities.

Luckily, we’ve gathered some brainstorming resources to make your job as a content marketer easier and more impactful. Here are our six favorite resources that will ignite your creativity and enable you to create your brand’s best content.

1. Newsletters

As content marketers, research is one of our most valuable skills. Instead of browsing aimlessly through content and running endless Google searches, an easy way to streamline research is to sign up for as many newsletters as possible. Newsletters send content directly to your inbox, based on topics relevant to you and your brand. For content marketers, newsletters can provide insights into the state of the industry, changes in technology, and updates to social networks; they can also explain emerging trends and best practices. Here are a few of our favorite newsletters:

2. Social Listening Solutions

Social listening should be a priority for any marketer. It’s invaluable when you’re trying to create content specific to audience interest. Social listening solutions enable marketers to discover topics of interest and trending hashtags, and gain insight into brand sentiment.

In the screenshot below of Simply Measured Listening, the word cloud shows the most used words related to Tide Pods on social. We can see that laundry, love, and clean are used frequently. When you drill down deeper in the app, you can see specific comments and conversations that can help you develop content that is sure to resonate with your audience.

3. Webinars

Webinars can have a great impact on our content marketing strategies by enabling us to generate new leads and prospects, nurture existing relationships, and demonstrate expertise in our industries. Webinars can also provide a way for us to learn, which can spark content ideas during our brainstorming sessions.

Content Marketing Institute provides a wide variety of webinars specific to content marketers. You can register for upcoming webinars or watch from their library of on-demand webinars.

4. Forums

In addition to social listening solutions, forums also provide an effective way for marketers to identify the topics that are sparking the most conversation online. Quora is a great resource to discover topics of interest, ask questions, and engage in conversations relevant to your brand. As a brainstorming tool, forums can help content marketers build content plans that address questions people are already asking.

5. Content Share Tracking Solutions

Content share tracking is an effective way to measure engagement and track the movement of your content between social users. Below is a screenshot of our Content Share Tracking solution, which enables content marketers to identify when and where content is being shared.

We can see that dark social channels like Facebook Messenger are acquiring the most content shares. On July 10th and 17th, the highest number of shares was achieved. This brand’s content marketer will be able to look back through the content sent through social on those particular days and create similar content because it was clearly successful. On July 8th and July 15th, we notice a drastic decline in the number of shares through all social channels, meaning that the type of content produced on those days wasn’t engaging or effective.

6. Sales Teams

There are a number of external resources available to content marketers to help brainstorm engaging content. There are also valuable resources that exist within our businesses that marketers should turn to for brainstorming fuel: our sales teams.

Our sales teams are our first points of contact with consumers, and they can provide insight into the needs, challenges, and successes of our customers. This insight can help us generate content that addresses these needs and challenges or highlights successes.

If your content marketing plan isn’t performing at full capacity, check out our blog for 5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Is Underperforming.

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Bryan Blackburn

Bryan is the Content Marketing Manager at Simply Measured. He spoils his dog, is a fitness fanatic, and loves research and writing.

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