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6 Creative Ways to Engage Your Audience on Snapchat

Snapchat has become one of the most used social media channels, with more than 100 million daily users and 10 billion videos shared per day. One of the key statistics that separates Snapchat from other apps, though, is the number of Millennials and Gen Z users:

Approximately 60% of Snapchat users are under age 25, and about 26% are over age 25.

Given the rapidly growing demographics and low-cost accessibility to younger audiences that Snapchat provides, brands are joining the Snapchat world to engage with their target audiences.

My social media team at Marriott International launched the company’s Snapchat account, LifeAtMarriott, in 2016. Since the account’s inception, I’ve learned quite a bit about what our audience responds well to.



While there isn’t a one-size-fits all approach to utilizing the channel, there are a few creative ways that all brands can engage their Snapchat audiences.

Pose engagement questions

One of my favorite tactics for engaging our Snapchat followers is asking them about their experiences and thoughts. Since we’re in the hospitality industry, many of our engagement questions focus on travel, such as, “If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?”

Engagement questions can be standalone stories or can accompany a Snapchat story you’ve posted.

Either way, your audience is always willing to share their experiences with you.

Be thoughtful about your responses

Keep in mind that your audience uses Snapchat in the first place because of the app’s transparent and personalized means of communication. Once you’ve posted an engagement question and your audience begins to answer, take the time to give them thoughtful replies. If someone replied “Venice” to the travel question I mentioned above, I’ll write back and say something like, “Have you ever been there before?” This makes our followers adamant about replying to us in the future.

Share inspiration

Everyone loves (and needs) a little inspiration. Why not give that to your audience on Snapchat in a fun and creative way? If you have an employee with a unique story that would motivate your audience, encourage them to share it on your brand’s account.

Does your company have a captivating story about its history? Share it.

Or, simply create graphics that contain inspirational quotes. Consider sharing the inspirational stories regularly, for example by using a feature called Motivation Monday, so your audience seeks it out each week.

Host a Snapchat Chat

People are naturally inquisitive about major brands and the faces behind the products or services. Give your audience an exclusive look into your company’s employees and the work they do by hosting a Snapchat Chat. Find a passionate leader or staff member that wouldn’t mind being recorded on Snapchat, and ask your followers to submit questions the employee can answer during the chat.

Ask for opinions

In 2016, our Snapchat team shared a brainstorm that was hosted by one of Marriott’s brands to rename a design package. We documented our brainstorming approach but also asked our audience to send us their own ideas! The story generated a significant number of replies and demonstrated to our audience that we value their opinions as they relate to our business.

Sneak peeks or special offers

If your brand is using Snapchat, separate it from the other channels you’re utilizing by offering sneak peeks or deals your audience wouldn’t find anywhere else. Give them behind-the-scenes looks at your new store before it opens followed, by a discount on your products. Hosting an event? Grant exclusive tickets to a select number of your Snapchat followers. This not only gives your audience incomparable experiences, it also encourages them to routinely engage with your account so that they won’t miss anything.

Are there additional ways you’ve found useful for engaging with your Snapchat audience? Drop a line in the comments!

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Jenna Boyer

Jenna Boyer is an Employer Brand Manager by day at Marriott International where she develops social media and marketing strategies alongside a team of digital masterminds. Her day-to-day tasks include generating ideas for internal and external audiences, contributing to the Marriott Careers content pipeline and establishing opportunities for Marriott associates to grow their careers. By night, Jenna is a creativity buff who loves photography, travel and fashion. In her spare time, you can typically find her face first in the VSCO Cam app capturing and editing images of the DC area and her travel adventures.

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