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6 Facebook Hacks for Your Brand to Try

6 Facebook Hacks for Your Brand to Try

Facebook is the largest social network in the world. By far.

With over 1.44 billion users worldwide, nearly one million of whom log in each day, Facebook has an unprecedented audience. For brands, this means a huge opportunity to get in front of pretty much any audience they want to target.

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But as great as this Facebook opportunity is, it doesn’t come without it’s challenges and competition. 96% of the top companies in the world are active on Facebook, with a staggering 94% posting content on a monthly basis.

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The number of brands you have to compete with on Facebook is almost as staggering as the opportunity. So what can you do to stand out if you don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on advertising?

Here are six tips for marketing on Facebook that you might not have considered.

1. Optimize for Facebook’s Brand New Card Feature

Earlier this week, Facebook announced a brand new feature geared towards making the notification process easier. The notification feature within the Facebook app will feature “cards” that alert you to the same comments, mentions, and Likes that you’re used to, but also reminders and updates based on pages you’ve liked.

This is big news for companies with a physical business. Restaurants, theaters and shops can now optimize for location-based notifications. To make sure you’re set up for success, be sure to fine tune your “About” info to include exact location and business type.

2. Assume Audio Is Off

Notice anything strange about Facebook’s own announcement video in the section above? If you’re on your laptop like I am, you may have noticed that there’s no audio. That’s because Facebook knows their audience better than anyone.

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According to a talk by Apryl Pilolli from Cox Media Group at our =LIFT(Social,2015) conference last week, of the 4 billion videos served each day, 75% of views are on mobile. I don’t know about you, but I generally watch videos when I’m in boring meetings, which means no sound. Assume the same is true for your entire audience.

3. Don’t Sleep on Events

Why should you host a FB event? Maybe your brand doesn’t even have a physical storefront, so you’re not sure how an event would benefit your brand.

The answer is much more simple than you’d think: Events give you the ability to send push notifications. Even if you’re not hosting a party, you can easily plan a time-constrained promotion, give away, or webinar with a special offer for anyone who signs up for your event. Once they opt in, you’re able to remind them of your event.

Just don’t spam them with 8,000 messages once they sign up because…well, you should know better.

4. Use a CTA

Facebook offers Pages the ability to add a custom CTA. If you’re having trouble generating business from Facebook, this could be worth a shot.

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Whether you’re trying to get users to sign up for your newsletter or shop on your website, this is an added opportunity to engage your fans.

5. Use Offers

Facebook gives you the ability to make offers to your fans, and it often goes unnoticed.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 7.50.52 AM

Whether you offer 25% off or an exclusive product they can’t find anywhere else, this will give you prime real estate in their feed, because offers come coupled with any picture you choose, and a CTA button to get that offer.

6. Facebook Remarketing

We all know that social marketing is increasingly a pay-to-play space. Facebook is no exception, but the remarketing ads on Facebook are among the most sophisticated out there. Ever take a look at a pair of shoes, and then those shoes show up in your Facebook feed 20 times that day? That’s remarketing.

Talk to your Facebook ad rep, because if you have the budget, these ads can provide a ton of value.

What Are Other Folks in Your Industry Doing on Facebook?

To learn more about the leading brands from your industry, and how they use Facebook, download our 2015 Facebook Industry Report which is full of benchmarks and tactics from the best brands in the world.

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