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6 Simple Habits of Successful Social Marketers

6 social habits_smallMost social media marketers have simple habits that keep them top of their game.

Here at Simply Measured, our Account Management team, in particular, works closely with savvy marketers and hears what they’re working on day to day. I sat down recently with one of our Account Managers, Rachel Rouston, to find out what she sees leading marketers doing that sets them apart.

Here’s Rachel’s list of six simple habits of successful social media marketers.

1. Constantly engage with top influencers

“It sounds silly, but all you have to do is follow that person on Twitter who retweeted your content, and who has 10,000 followers. You’d be amazed at how many people don’t do that. Just connect with that person. Reply, or retweet their content, or share it on your page. Do any action that connects with them.”

2. Measure amplification

“An amplification happens anytime another user on Facebook or Twitter shares or Retweets your content. Amplifications are powerful. There is a direct association between amplifications and reach. It’s great that you have 25 likes on a post, but how many times was it shared? How many times was your content that you worked hard on pushed into feeds with new, potential customers? In our reporting tool, we separate shares and Retweets from Likes, favorites, and comments because we know that amplifications are connected to the number of new people who are seeing your content.”

Besides her love affair with social media data, Rachel also digs rock climbing, singing opera, and her doggies.
Besides her love affair with social media data, Rachel also digs rock climbing, singing opera, and her doggies.

3.  Get your teammates active on social

“Get other employees involved on social, if that’s possible. Some organizations might have a harder time doing that because of their size or their industry, but a lot of companies do it. You can convince employees to retweet your content, like we do here.”

4. Track engagement as a percentage of followers

“A lot of good marketers actively track their engagement as a percent of followers instead of just a follower count. With this metric, the quality of the fan base is measured by who engages with you rather than just the total sum of followers.”

5. Learn from negative actions by users

“There’s one part of social media measurement that I think people tend to shy away from and that’s the negative feedback. You could actually use the Simply Measured chart of negative feedback day over day to help you understand which content was less well received. Was it even organic content that was less well-received, as opposed to an ad? Look at negative actions, especially if you’re doing ads that go out to a curated list of people. Then, you’ll really know how your content is working for you because that is a list you have selected and, if that list is producing negative actions, then that’s really important to know.”

6. Know how many unique visitors go to your Facebook page

“Another thing you can do that is really simple is know how many unique people are coming to your Facebook page, which ties back to reach and sharing. Are people actually getting to your page? Facebook will tell you that. Are they seeing your stuff? You can break down clicks on links, too, but, just from a top level, how many unique people you attract is valuable to know. They could be coming from anywhere. It’s sort of a catch all.”


Thanks, Rachel! What do you think of her quick list? What are some of your simple tips for winning on social? Share them below.

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