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6 Tips for Creating a Paid-Owned-Earned Social Media Strategy

6 Tips for Creating a Paid-Owned-Earned Social Media Strategy

Using the paid-owned-earned strategy (POEM) has become a necessity in social media. This is largely due to the decline in organic reach, as digital “noise” becomes the norm on social networks.

As networks grow, more and more content is pushed out at an incredible rate. So how can your brand use POEM to make sure your audience is seeing your brand’s content? We’ve curated a few tips to get you started.

Understanding Where Your Brand Stands

You’ll first want to get a sense of where your brand’s social profiles stand among the crowd stands.
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Running a competitive social media analysis, for example, will show you where your brand lies among your competitors. You’ll want to define clear goals from these benchmarks for your POEM campaign.  Goals could be as simple as earning engagement or clicks to a website, or could be as advanced as leveraging an influencer campaign to drive sales within a new audience.  Looking at your brand competitively will give you some insight into where your marketing plan has room for growth.

Understanding Your Audience Personas

Consider your purchase funnel and your customer personas.  Who are you selling to and why?  Why would they want to do business with you?  Where do they spend the majority of their time while online?  Knowing these things will provide the basis for your next step.  You can use Facebook Insights data, for example, to find out when your audience is online, where they’re the most active, which cities they’re from (helpful if you need to consider time zones when pushing out content), and more. Beyond that, it’s important to understand how your social networks fit together, using cross-channel measurement.

Create Your Editorial Calendar

Create your editorial calendar.  Who do you want to speak to, what do you want to say, and how are you going to reach them?  Use content that works within the framework you’ve created.  Be sure to promote that content across your social networks – as posts about your content, as ads directing people to your content with a call-to-action, or as reposts when someone gives your brand good feedback over social.  Have a plan in place that outlines how you’ll distribute content and when, and how you’ll respond to user-generated posts about your brand.

Align With Your Brand

Make this plan an extension of your business.  Having a consistent message across each channel means making sure that all your content – whether paid, owned or earned, adheres to your brand’s marketing guidelines, follows your brand’s voice and style, and speaks to your brand’s overall purpose and goals.  Make sure all your content is adhering to your brand’s “persona” and to your brand’s marketing goals.

Use Data to Inform Decisions

Use data to drive your content.  Know what type of content and keywords perform best.  This will help you produce content across all channels that’s of the appropriate format for your audience.  Know what, when, and where to post.
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Test All The Things

Test and measure. Based on your goals, assess your results periodically.
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The only way you can truly improve your strategy is to put your plan into action, measure the results and analyze what worked, what didn’t, and what can be improved.  Without being able to do this in a clear and concise way, your strategy won’t be very useful. This means you’ll want to know the mix of what types of content contribute to what actions.  You’ll gather all this data into a report that will allow you to show, in very clear terms, which actions came from paid posts and how much each action cost, which actions came from non-paid social media posts, and which actions were a result of user generated content.

Using a paid-owned-earned media strategy will help your brand stand out and will keep you from getting lost in the sea of digital noise. A smart POEM strategy uses data as the foundation and as the measure of success. To download our full guide, Using Paid, Owned, and Earned Media to Build Successful Social Campaigns, click the button below.

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