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6 Top Social Media Blog Posts for the Holiday Season

The day after Thanksgiving, your feed was flooded with a slue of holiday social media how-to content. You tried to read them all, but the list started to pile up. Even when you did end up reading them, they all blended together. So how do you know what the blogosphere is really recommending for your social media this season? We rounded up our 6 favorite blog posts with tips, strategies and ideas for the holiday season on social.


7 Tips for Developing a Social Media Strategy Over The Holidays

This post by Social Media Today has 7 great insights into what the holiday season means for marketers and what you can do to capitalize on that. Whether it’s a matter of customer service or brand monitoring, this post has some good food for thought for every marketing team.

Use Social Media to Create a Snowball Effect for Your Holiday Marketing

This great post by Marketing Profs has 3 simple, but effective, steps to help your holiday campaigns gain momentum and achieve that always desirable “snowball effect.”

Are You Elfin’ Kidding Me? Find Out If Your Holiday Content is Safe For Social 

The holiday season is a great time to show off your company’s personality. Just make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Social Fresh put together a great infographic to help you decide whether to hit tweet or delete.

The Social Media Manager’s Guide to the Holidays

We couldn’t leave this off the list! Our holiday checklist will help you keep your social media bright, shiny and prepared for all the chaos the holidays can throw your way. You may be able to take a vacation over the holidays, but your social media can’t!

Preparing Social Media Customer Service in the Chaos of the Holidays

Customer service on social media can get crazy on an average day. Over the holidays, it’s a whole different story. The good people at Rignite break down what’s essential for your customer service plan over the break.

‘Tis the Season: 7 Steps to Prepare for Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

The holiday season is much more than Dec 25. Even if you’re late to the party, Hubspot has a great step-by-step walkthrough of what you’ll need to run a successful social media campaign this holiday season.

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