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6 Twitter Metrics to Measure for Customer Service

Twitter is the go-to network for social conversations. Celebrities, athletes, journalists, average people like us, and even brands engage in the millions of daily conversations on the network.

6 Twitter Metrics to Measure for Customer Service

Brands aren’t only focused on pushing product either. Many are using Twitter to create stronger relationships with current customers, enable success, and reduce negative feedback on the network.

In our new study, we found that 43% of the top brands in the world have dedicated customer service handles on Twitter, and more than 61,000 users interacted with them during the first six weeks of 2015. These customer service teams  are seeing much more traffic on Twitter – and responding to more mentions – than during this same time period last year.

Screenshot 2015-03-11 10.23.26 Working in social media, your team likely deals with customers on Twitter every day. These are invaluable interactions that are tied directly to business metrics, but aren’t measured the same way you’d measure brand activity meant to drive engagement and reach. Our March Customer Service Study analyzes 43 of the world’s best customer service handles, and the tactics that you can mimic to better serve your audience. We identify best-in-class practices around many different metrics. Below are the definitions you’ll need to know to set your own Twitter customer service benchmarks.

Twitter Customer Service Metrics

Total Mentions: The total mentions metric is gauged by how many times a brand is mentioned – excluding Retweets. In this study, total mentions applies to only handles dedicated to customer service.

Total Responses: Total responses are measured by the number of times a brand responds to mentions of its customer service @handle.

Response Time: The amount of time it takes an account to respond to a Tweet. This metric can be measured by subtracting the time of the original inbound Tweet from the time of response.

Average Response Time: The average of all response times among responded-to comments during a specific time frame; in this study, 1/1/2015 to 2/14/2015.

Response Rate: Response rate is based on the number of Tweets responded to. It’s calculated by dividing the number of mentions responded to by the total number of Tweets that mention the brand’s handle.

Tweets Sent: In this study, we’ve counted Tweets sent as the number of overall Tweets sent by a customer service brand handle, including responses to users who may have sent a Tweet to the regular brand handle.

To learn how the best brands in the world perform in each of these categories, download our new study, and be sure to share your own customer service wins in the comments below.


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