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6 Ways To Use Instagram Hashtag Data to Set Social Media Campaign Goals

#SetYourIntention. How are you measuring your social media campaign’s progress on Instagram? Are you in the midst of crafting goals for the next week, month, or financial year?

The open frontier of social media marketing leaves plenty of room for creative experimentation and building your own definition of ideal social media impact. By analyzing the data behind past, current and competitive Instagram hashtags, it’s easy to set objectives by showing what works, monitoring progress and keeping track of audience reaction.  Whether you’re interested in a high-level view or deep-dive data, the best way to set informed goals is to start with the numbers.

I want our hashtag mentioned at least 1,000 times on Instagram. Is that Realistic?

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How it works: When you run an Instagram Hashtag Report, you’re given not only the number of unique people who used the hashtag, but also the number of times the hashtag was used, the number of people those posts potentially reached, the number of times that the posts could’ve been seen, and the total amount of Instagram engagement. It’s a high-level metrics bonanza.

Pro Tip: Taking a peek at these numbers for one of your previous hashtag campaigns (or a competitor’s) can provide you with a good benchmark for where you should set volume/reach/impressions/engagement goals on your upcoming or current campaign.

I want our event hashtag to take Instagram by storm this Friday. What do I do?

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How it works: An Instagram Hashtag Report tells you not only which day your hashtag was most popular, but also which type of media was most successful—photo or video.

Pro Tip: Use this chart to figure out how momentum grew for comparable  hashtags in the past, then model your own event hashtag and Instagram posting techniques after those events.

I want to gain a solid understanding of what people are saying about my brand. Is that possible?

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How it works: This component of the Instagram Hashtag Report lends incredible insight into what exactly folks are saying when they use your hashtag—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Instagram’s interaction types—likes or comments—are measured for your hashtag, while the hashtag’s Engagement Peaks are also listed.

Pro Tip: For an even deeper view, download the Report to Excel and click over to the Media tab.

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This tab features a list of every Instagram post with your hashtag in the time period requested, along with username and the link to the individual post—among many other juicy tidbits of info.

I want to increase the frequency with which my Instagram content is shared on other social media channels. Can I?

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How it works: This part of the report shows you how many Instagram posts with a specific hashtag were also fed through to Twitter and Facebook, and when.

Pro Tip: Check out previous Instagram hashtag campaigns you wish to emulate (or avoid) to inform your own campaign and foster cross-channel hashtag success.

I want to identify my top influencers on Instagram and engage with them for greater reach. Is that possible?

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How it works: Look at the hashtag for a past Instagram campaign to figure out who your top impressions drivers are, and when they were the most active.

Pro Tip: Engage with these active users to gain broader reach on your current/future campaign.

I need to figure out what my brand’s next Instagram hashtag should be. How do I do that?

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How it works: Head to the Top Keywords section of your Instagram Hashtag Report for either a previous hashtag or one that has achieved an effect you wish to replicate. This piece of the report gives you the hashtags and key words that are most often mentioned in post captions along with the targeted hashtag.

Pro Tip: Run this report using your brand as the hashtag. This will provide you with the other hashtags that Instagram users are deploying in conjunction with your name, providing you with some invaluable insight into how your brand or campaign is perceived by the public, and how to play on this moving forward.

Instagram is a great way to reach a visually-stimulated audience, and market your brand in a meaningful, colorful way. To learn more about Simply Measured’s Instagram hashtag report, as well as the account, and competitive reports available, check out our full suite of Instagram analytics:

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