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7 Brilliant Sales and Marketing Slack Integrations to Improve Your Efficiency

Slack has changed the way teams communicate. Managers use it to organize their teams, developers use it collaborate on code, and customer support uses it to manage support tickets. The convenience and possible integrations that the messaging app offers users makes it a great tool to work with for streamlining work and making the most of your team’s efforts.

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Marketers and sales personnel can also use Slack for multiple purposes. Here is a list of sales and marketing Slack integrations that can transform the way you work.

1. GrowthBot

There is huge benefit to learning the latest information in your niche. GrowthBot helps you do that in sales and marketing. If you work long hours and have no time to update yourself, GrowthBot can play the role of a quick fix.


You can install the app on Slack and begin a conversation with the bot by saying hello. The bot will revert with two buttons as options, one of which reads, “Give me a hint.” You can click the hint button to access the list of questions that the bot can answer for you. The questions let you learn about the latest trends and know-hows in marketing and sales.

2. DrumUp

If a major part of your social media strategy relies on content, DrumUp is the Slack integration for you. You can use DrumUp to curate relevant content, based on keywords right in your Slack channels. You and your teammates can then schedule that content right from Slack, without having to leave the app.


This is a neat way of encouraging teammates and colleagues to share content, which helps them build powerful personal brands on social media, which could be of great benefit to your company.

3. Trello

Trello is another tool that allows you to efficiently manage your content on Slack. If you work with an editorial team responsible for your content, you can use Trello to manage their efforts.


Trello lets you create and assign cards to members of your team. Each card can have a due date and a status relaying the progress of your teammate who is responsible for it. Trello cards can carry files and support comments for communication. You can access Trello on Slack by downloading the app and typing in the command/Trello help.

4. MailChimp

If email marketing is part of your strategy, the MailChimp Slack integration can be very useful to you. The app lets you set certain metrics to be reported to you via Slack.


You have to download the MailChimp Slack integration and authenticate your account to begin. After you have done this, you will be able to monitor your campaign’s delivery status, subscribes, and unsubscribes via Slack. These three metrics are best monitored in real-time, so you can quickly make changes when you see a lot of unsubscribes, or check on your emails if the delivery doesn’t go as planned.

5. Humblebot

Humility is a critical part of serving your consumer community. The more humble and considerate you are as a brand, the better you can manage your sales and customer service engagements.


Humblebot is a cool tool that delivers daily messages of humility to your Slack inbox. Once you install the app, you will receive messages with tips to remind you to practice humility. For instance, you might receive a message asking you to send someone a thank you note or ask for someone’s opinion.

6. Marker

As marketers, you probably spend quite some time with tools, numbers, and reports. Often, you may have to share this information with your teammates. Instead of downloading and attaching files to emails, you could take screenshots, annotate them, and share them with everyone concerned.


Marker lets you do this via Slack. To begin, you need Marker’s Chrome extension. You can use the extension to take screenshots when browsing. The screenshots can then be annotated and sent to any Slack channel, with the URL of the page you’re sharing.

7. Google Drive

If you have to send entire files, and screenshots won’t suffice, you can send them via Slack. If you’re a Google Drive user, you can paste any file’s shareable link on Slack and quickly send it to your teammates.

google-driveIt is important to note, however, that the files you send are only imported on the app (not stored on it). While you can view the files by clicking on the link, you can’t download it from the app.

You can use Slack integrations to complete small tasks without leaving the app’s window. The extra time you save by streamlining your work can be better invested elsewhere. The convenience that comes with Slack integrations can also be a means of getting more of your teammates involved in your marketing and sales efforts.

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Disha Dinesh

Disha Dinesh is a content writer and marketer for DrumUp. Her interests include social media marketing and content curation.

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