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7 Instagram Hacks That Will Change How You Post

Whether your brand is new to Instagram, or you’re a seasoned pro, there are a few hacks that can help you use data to optimize your content and take advantage of the high engagement that brands often enjoy on the platform.

7 Instagram Hacks That Will Change How You Post

So, how can you become an Instagram all-star? Check out the best practices below and let us know if you have any other tips to share!

# 1 – Know Your Goals

This is my very own social analytics mantra. Start with the end in mind. Understanding your brand identity and what you’re hoping to achieve is the first step to planning your Instagram content.

Everyday, customers ask me, “What does good look like for my brand?” To understand the value of what you’re doing, you need to define what value looks like to you and make sure you’re on the same page as your colleagues and leadership.

A table like the one above can be used to capture channel-specific benchmarks on a regular basis.
A table like the one above can be used to capture channel-specific benchmarks on a regular basis.

Set baselines for current engagement rates or hashtag use and use them to create the goals for your efforts on Instagram.

#2 – Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Gone are the days of posting the same content across all of your social media accounts. If you’re thinking hard about the content you’re posting on each channel, take the time to consider Instagram-specific metrics and optimize along the way.

One of the best parts about having access to comprehensive data is the ability to test things out and see what changes. Does your audience respond better to photos or videos? Does it matter if you use a filter? Try tagging posts with locations and comparing your engagement.

In short, find out what works and do it more.

#3 – Competitive Benchmarking

As you’re on your way up, you have to keep your peripheral vision sharp. There’s no better way to set goals and discover tried and true methods than checking out your competitors.

What content is working for them? How fast are they growing? If your brand doesn’t have a 1:1 competitive match, look for complementary brands that share your audience.

#4 – Own Your Earned Media

Nobody can forget that the hashtag is king on Instagram. Hashtags make your content discoverable, and that’s what drives your audience growth and helps you gain traction on the channel.

instagram tags

Research your hashtags and find out what other tags are being used alongside the obvious picks. Pair them, test them and see what works.

#5 – Find Your Influencers

It’s no surprise that this is one of the first things I talk about with customers. Influencers help amplify your content and put a face to a brand, so it makes sense that finding and activating influencers is one of the best things you can do for your Instagram strategy.

Your influencers don’t have to be Lebron James. Start by digging into who engaged with your brand this month, and see if you have any advocates already who happen to be influential.

national lipstick day instagram

You can also try searching for a hashtag related to your brand or initiative, and seeing who the influential participants are in that conversation.

#6 – Experiment with Video Content

Go ahead, do it! Consider this your nudge in the engagement-winning direction.

A lot of social marketers are hesitant to dip their toes in the video pool, but remember: your video content doesn’t have to take up a lot of resources. For instance, you can chop up longer videos you’ve created already and release the entire video in shorter 15-second installments on Instagram.

My Disney Princess #Ella #Disney #princess #Jasmine #video

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Your video content also doesn’t have to necessarily be “professional quality.” Many successful Instagram videos are behind-the-scenes, off-the-cuff footage which give followers a fresh perspective on your brand.

#7 – Get Inspirational

Without fail, inspirational quotes on Instagram rack up Likes and comments full of gratitude and love.

💗 xo #jennifermeyer #xojm

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This is an easy win for brands. Throw up one inspirational quote per week for an Instagram engagement boost this month.

Want More Instagram Hacks?

Check out our engagement boost cheat sheet pack. It includes more quick-and-dirty tips for sending your engagement skywards on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

Linda Schwaber-Cohen

Linda Schwaber-Cohen

I'm the Onboarding and Education Lead here at Simply Measured, so I spend my days teaching our customers how to use Simply Measured and analyze their data! On evenings and weekends, I can be found walking my three dogs and exploring the lattes of Seattle.

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