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8 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss the =LIFT(Social, 2015) Conference

LIFT Social Seattle October 22 On October 22nd, Simply Measured is hosting our first annual conference =LIFT(Social,2015) in Seattle, Washington. Will you be here?

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for this conference. We’ve been geeking out for months now about how great the content will be. I figured I’d share my personal excitement, and why you should join.

Get your conference pass while there’s still time, and check out our top reasons you should come to the conference.

1. It’s Summer Camp with Your Smartest Friends

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 4.54.26 PMWant to know why our conference name looks like an Excel function? Because we planned the conference we’d want to attend and that meant we wanted it to be for the serious social marketer. This intention permeates our agenda, guests, and speakers.

I’m a marketer who markets marketing software to marketers. The best part of my job is that we do the same stuff our customers do. Every time I get on the phone with a social marketer, I geek out over the different campaigns they’re running, techniques they’re using, analysis they’ve done, and content they’re creating.

Our speakers will be talking about social analytics, research, planning, and measurement best practices with a level of depth that we’ve sorely missed at other social marketing conferences. The opportunity to connect with your peers and learn from the best in the business is incredible.

2. “No Fluff” Speakers

Our mantra throughout the planning process has been “no fluff.” We weren’t interested in booking celebrity speakers who’d fill seats but add zero value. We focused on bringing in speakers who are social marketing experts working for some of the biggest brands in the world. Practitioners and strategists, not gurus and ninjas. This includes social leaders from:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • REI
  • Chipotle
  • Nordstrom
  • Audible
  • Complex Media
  • UFC
  • Microsoft

The content you can expect from =LIFT is high quality, and focused on the practice of social marketing, not the hype.

If you’re trying to convince your boss to send you to one conference this year, this is the one they’ll say yes to.

3. Okay Fine, There’s Also a Party

tumblr_n1zhy7hwx21rrr8ulo1_500I know I said “no fluff” but that can end at 5PM, right?

Our after party is on the Seattle waterfront, and will be a great time to unwind with your colleagues, make some new friends, and enjoy some appetizers and drinks.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even get to do the “Nay Nay” with our CEO Adam Schoenfeld. Stranger things have happened…also, I will 100% pay $100 to the first person to get Adam to “do the Nay Nay” at the after party.

4. Bell Harbor Convention Center

Bell Harbor Marina, Seattle

Seattle is beautiful, and Bell Harbor Conference Center has a front-row seat. Located on the Seattle Waterfront, just steps from Pike Place Market, you couldn’t ask for a better place to spend a few days.

5. Exclusive Customer Days…on Us!

If you’re a Simply Measured customer, you’re invited to two additional days of conference content.

October 21st: On Wednesday, across the Street from Bell Harbor Convention Center at the Simply Measured Headquarters, we’ll be hosting a day of Intensive Social Media Workshops.

October 23rd: On Friday, we’ll be hosting a day of Industry Roundtables at the Simply Measured HQ, facilitating conversations with peers from your industry.

6. I’ll be Speaking

Kevin Shively, Head of Content at Simply Measured This is the thing you’re most excited about. It’s okay to admit it. And to be honest, I totally understand why you’d be excited. First of all, I’m very charming. My stage presence is incredible. I have a smile that lights up a room…wait, what were we talking about? I got distracted…oh yeah:

I’ll be sharing data and insight from our research of social and digital marketing orgs across the world, best practices on each social network, and emerging trends from across the social space. It’ll be a very handsome presentation…I mean useful. A very useful presentation.

7. Social Topics You Care About

We have presentations on a wide variety of topics that matter to you. These aren’t 101 level sessions. We’re working with some of the top marketers in the industry to highlight stories, lessons, and advice from their campaigns and experiences:

  • Advanced Social Video Tactics
  • Understanding the Relationship Between Paid and Organic Social
  • Metrics You’re Wasting Time on
  • How to Recognize and Surface Your Best Content
  • Working with, and Measuring Influencers
  • Social Marketing Trends for 2016
  • Defining Social Success

8. No Vendor Pitches

Yes, Simply Measured is a SaaS company, and we want you to use our software, but this conference isn’t a sales pitch, so you can rest easy that we’re not going to push a sale on you.

We’re here to share expertise, and gain expertise from you. That’s it. There won’t be booths from vendors trying to sell you their new apps and flavor-of-the-week social tools. We cater to marketers who want to be the best social marketers they can, not ones who are looking for the quickest fix or the newest thing.

Ready to Register?

If this sounds like the conference for you, there’s still time to register below. For more information about the conference, speakers, agenda, and travel arrangements, check out our =LIFT(Social,2015) website. If you’re already coming, we’ll see you soon!

Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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