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9 Ways to Turn Your Twitter Monitoring Into Insights worth Sharing

twitter-graphThe massive amount of content on Twitter makes monitoring a crucial part of any strategy, but that volume is the same thing that makes this a daunting task.

Whether you’re tracking a campaign, specific hashtags, competitor tweets, product launches, or any other Twitter activity, listening to the conversation isn’t enough. Your goal should always be to zero in on the important details so you can translate the buzz to insights and action plans.

With that in mind, we’ve made some significant improvements to our central Twitter monitoring report. The Twitter Activity Report focuses on three key components:

1. What is happening?
2. Who is making it happen?
3. Why is it happening?

This report helps your Twitter analytics strategy graduate from basic monitoring to deep insight.

As a Twitter Certified Product, we’re constantly working to make sure we’re giving you the best solutions possible. Lets take a look at how these three questions are answered by breaking down each section, using #CES data as an example:

What is Happening?

Finding Your Own Way: This new report lays out all of your data into three categories. With the navigation tabs, easily move about the report with a basic understanding of what you’re looking at and how it pertains to your goals.

Timing Is Everything: The most basic detail you need to understand the content you’re analyzing is volume. This sample displays the hashtag #CES over the last week. Without spending hours digging into data and adding days, you can immediately parse out your total tweets, type of tweets, and rate of growth or decline. As a bonus, this Simply Measured report can break your data down by week, month, day, hour or minute. You can do this when setting up the report, or directly in Excel for real-time updating.


Making an Impression: Once you have a clear idea of the way traffic ebbed and flowed through your date range, the Twitter Activity Report breaks down your key moments. Outlining your potential impressions in vivid detail, you can understand not only how many tweets were being posted at specific times, but more importantly, how many people they were reaching. To make this easier on you, the Potential Impressions section breaks out your three most visible tweets. In this case, the top #CES tweet was from 50 Cent, the second two were both from Snooki, who has over 6 million followers and contributed to a possible 600 million impressions. In totally unrelated news, I have lost all hope for the future.


Who is Making it Happen?

The Law of Averages: Understanding your top tweeters is important when planning where to focus your efforts, but learning the details of the average participants can be even more powerful. How many followers does the average tweeter have? What is the average Klout score? Benchmarked against the global average Klout score, you can understand a deeper level of influence among those participating in your conversation.


Across the Map: Understanding your audience is a crucial part to any campaign. This is much more difficult if you don’t know where your audience is. In this case, even though CES took place in Las Vegas, the majority of Tweeters were located in New York. Just as importantly, the largest percentage of the total tweets posted came out of San Francisco. So while it might seem beneficial to target folks posting from the actual event, focus in this particular case might be more beneficial when directed toward these other markets.


View From The Top: Say you’re a normal human person and you don’t want to develop your entire social strategy around Snooki, this next section is for you! Looking at three levels of influence, the Twitter Activity Report can help you prioritize your efforts. Target your most engaged users, or those with the largest following. Maybe you’re looking at overall influence, in which case you can take a look at the users with the top Klout scores.


How did it Happen?

Say the Magic Word: Getting to the heart of the conversation, this report lets you dive into your keyword analysis proactively. Some reporting tools give you the most popular keywords in your steam…Don’t worry, that’s the default here too. But since our reports are built on an Excel platform, simply type any term into one of the keyword fields, and watch it populate and update your chart in real time.


Shared Resources: A full table of the most retweeted posts to your stream let you see exactly who’s bringing more participants into your conversation.


Linked In: A great indicator of how your conversation is affecting behavior is the content being shared, and where people are going becauseof that conversation. The top tweeted links and top tweeted domains give you a clear picture of the related content being shared in your conversation.


Now that you have a good idea of what you can learn from the Twitter Activity Report, it’s time to get started! If you’re a Simply Measured customer, the report is available HERE. If you’re not a Simply Measured customer, it’s about time you learned what you’re missing. Check out some of the free reports available on our site or Request a Demo.

Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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