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91,000 Meerkats: How Many Popped Up at #SXSW?

Over 91,776 Meerkat videos have been streamed since the app launched, driving over 293,800 views. Those streams have been tweeted or retweeted 102,603 times.

I didn’t go to SXSW this year, but it seems like every other Tweet from Austin has been a Meerkat video of a concert, session, or 6th Street bar.  Since the Interactive conference started on Friday, March 13th, Meerkat streams from Austin have shot up, and views of those streams are reaching over 25,000 per day.

Screenshot 2015-03-16 13.38.11

SXSW attendees have jumped on the Meerkat train, giving friends and colleagues a peek into the conference goings-on. SXSW offers a tech-focused microscope on the value of streaming video services, which allow users to easily broadcast events in real-time, whether for professional, journalistic, or personal reasons.

How Meerkat Has Grown

Meerkat’s functionality automatically tweets streams that users post, and links are now being tweeted over 14,000 times per day.  This breaks down to 67,449 unique Meerkat links tweeted (this number discounts deleted Tweets, as well as users who Twitter’s API has marked as spam).

Tweets ofMK

But, users aren’t just posting. Meerkat streams are now being viewed more than 60,000 times per day, and users are engaging with the content:

  • 99,978 Comments (.34 per view) (1.5 per stream)
  • 12,967 Restreams (.04 per view) (.19 per stream)
  • 35,051 Likes (.12 per view) (.52 per stream)
views of MK

 The SXSW Effect


The Meerkat streams posted from Austin this weekend accounted for nearly half of all Meerkat streams, making Austin the most popular city for Meerkat links.


The other popular cities are what you’d expect. Tech hubs like San Francisco and New York, with a few surprises as well, like Rwanda, which accounted for 2,880 stream views.

The Biggest Meerkaters

I just realized how close “Meerkaters” is to “marketers”…coincidence? Probably. I tend to read into things too much.  But, it’s not surprising considering the most-viewed Meerkat stream was posted by digital marketing legend Gary Vaynerchuk.

unnamed (4)

Other top posters were Mashable, Kevin Rose, Jared Leto, The Miami Dolphins, and the Tech Guy Leo Laporte.

Will Meerkat Last?

It’s hard to say. SXSW offers a large platform for social apps like this but will the novelty wear off? The value of streaming video is hard to deny: sporting events, concerts, citizen journalism, broadcasting, etc. There’s a long list of practical use cases, but it won’t be long before we run into trademark and copyright issues around streaming services, and Meerkat has some tough competition entering the marketplace, like Twitter’s newly-acquired Periscope. Time will tell if it can hold up but, at least for now, Meerkats seem to be popping up everywhere.

Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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