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Adidas Soccer vs. Nike Soccer: How They Stack Up On Social

Nike-vs-AdidasFor soccer fans, the World Cup is the competition of competitions. 32 teams from across the world will show down in hopes of winning the coveted FIFA World Cup Trophy.

For marketers, however, all eyes are on a rivalry even more heated than Spain vs. Portugal, Argentina vs. England and England vs. Germany COMBINED.

I’m talking about Nike Soccer vs. Adidas Soccer.

With soccer’s grandest stage only days away, Nike and Adidas are putting the finishing touches on social media campaigns that have been months, if not years, in the making. At the World Cup, everything is a marketing opportunity – from the players, to the game balls, to the uniforms, to the referees’ whistles… It’s all fair game.

Let’s explore how these brands stack up off the field — on their social media networks.

Viral Video Comparison: #AllIn vs. #RiskEverything

Nike and Adidas Soccer both struck gold with their World Cup video spots. Both viral videos feature the brands’ respective campaigns (#AllIn vs. #RiskEverything), but include a World Cup twist and some famous footballas’. Nike’s video was posted a month before Adidas’ — and as a result has nearly doubled the number of views (72M vs. 32M). Nike packed a powerful punch by calling upon some serious star-power, while Adidas’ video hits you in the heart. Check out both of these videos below.

Engagement Comparison: Who’s the Fan Favorite?

After taking a look at both Adidas & Nike Soccer’s visual social channels (Instagram and Facebook) over the past month, we found that the brands engaged with their fans differently on each network. On Facebook, fans favor Adidas rather than Nike.
Nike and Adidas brand post on Facebook bar graph
As you can see above, Adidas has commandingly secured their position as the fan favorite on Facebook heading into the World Cup – averaging 255% more engagement than Nike. However, Instagram’s a whole other story.
Nike and Adidas Engagement on Instagram bar chart
On Instagram, fans are more inclined to engage with Nike. With nearly double the engagement of Adidas, it’s clear that the two have staked their claim on either network. With the World Cup looming, we’re excited to see what each of these brands do on these networks come kick-off.

Post Frequency Comparison: Who Has the Best Hustle?

Like in soccer, hustle is important on social. With the World Cup just days a way, both brands should be taking their marketing to their social channels often. This hustle usually pays off with engagement, reach and buzz heading into an event. So which brand has the hustle to win on Facebook and Instagram? Adidas and Adidas.
Nike and Adidas Facebook fan page comparison bar graph Nike and Adidas Instagram post comparison bar chart
Adidas trumps Nike’s post frequency on both of these visual networks, with 100+ more Facebook posts and 10 more Instagram posts than Nike.


Every brand has one post that sticks out above the rest; their MVP. These exceptional posts grab their audience’s attention, like a Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo (eye candy of a different sort), and drive results. In the final stretch of our Nike vs. Adidas match-up, let’s compare their Most Valuable Posts.

Both have their eyes on Brazil 2014. Nike proves its Instagram dominance, with their most engaging post trumping Adidas’ by 188%.

Despite calling upon Wayne Rooney, Nike fell short on Facebook. Adidas’ top post called for the supporters from an entire team, AC Milan.

Although both Adidas and Nike have their respective strengths (Adidas on Facebook, Nike on Instagram, etc.),  we’re certain that the social media shoot-out will begin come kick-off on Thursday, June 12th. Stay tuned for more World Cup coverage.

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