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Adidas Wins With Instagram: How the Brand Doubled Followers In Under 3 Months

AdidasA.D.I.D.A.S. – All Day I Instagram About Sports

Okay maybe that doesn’t make sense acronymically, but if you follow Adidas on Instagram, the statement won’t surprise you.

On Tuesday, we published our quarterly Instagram Study that takes a look at the Interbrand 100 companies that use the network. Adidas, it turns out, has been pretty busy on the photo sharing network.

Adidas joined only nine other brands in the study with over 100,000 followers. The athletic apparel company has more than doubled their follower count over the last three months, bringing their audience within the mobile network to 143,498.


So what are they doing right?
Everything, apparently. Adidas has posted 49 photos over the quarter, and averages 5,292.4 likes and comments per photo. Over the last month, this has steadily increased as the brand has been posting more photos, averaging between 5-6 posts each week. Their engagement has climbed with the additional content, and last week Adidas saw over 50,000 likes and comments on their posts.


What’s driving success? 
A big part of Adidas’ success on Instagram might be attributed to their cross-network integration. Of the 49 photos they’ve posted on Instagram over the three month period, all but one were shared to both Facebook and Twitter. Like the other brands from our study, Twitter engagement has been significantly lower than that on Facebook, Instagram’s parent company. Adidas averaged 10.1 Tweets per photo, but 269 likes on Facebook. We speculated in the study that this dip in engagement on Twitter could be due to Instagram’s pulled support for Twitter Cards, but with just over a month of data, it’s hard to say for sure. This is something we’ll watch closely over the coming months.


What are they posting? 
Adidas has followed a similar trend among the other Interbrand companies: avoiding filters. Of the 183 photos Adidas has in their Instagram feed, 107 don’t use a filter. The engagement on these photos is also much higher than those that use filters.

This is most likely because the majority of Adidas’ content is clearly marketing collateral that they’ve re-purposed for the network. When you have professional photography, editing and graphics, there’s not much of a need to add a sepia mask.


Why should you care?
Adidas success on Instagram is a good example of how brands can easily use their marketing material as social content across their networks. For a minimal amount of time and energy, this strategy can foster engagement from a whole new audience.

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