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Analyzing #CES2015: Top Trends From Over 600,000 Tweets

CESIMPsThis year’s Consumer Electronics Show was marked by some cool upcoming tech trends, and the internet hasn’t stopped buzzing all week. Over 600,000 Twitter mentions of the conference’s official hashtag, #CES2015, led to nearly 7 billion potential impressions from Monday 1/6/2015 through Thursday 1/8/2015.

We’ve been monitoring and analyzing the conversation on Twitter. Below are some of the biggest highlights from #CES2015.

Android Tops Top Brand Mentions

Checking in on the marketing efforts of tech firms involved with CES, the following brand names most often used in Tweets tagged with #CES2015:


The Internet of Things

The phrase “internet of things” has been mentioned on Twitter over 50,000 times since the conference began.

CNN and Sony

For the second year in a row, @CNN sent the Tweet with the most potential impressions from CES, linking to Sony CEO Kazuo Hira speaking out about hacking attacks against his company.


Driverless Cars

Driverless cars are driving a high volume of tweets at CES this year, including this one, the highest retweeted tagged tweet.

Watch out, Jason Statham. Soon, Audis will be transporting themselves.

Engagement Breakdown

Retweets made up 57% of the hashtag’s usage, with another 40% of usage coming from organic mentions:
Most tweets containing #CES2015 came from users based in New York City, but tech centers like San Francisco and San Jose hugely over-represented their respective populations, indicating who is the most excited about the conference.

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Michael Thomason

Michael is Simply Measured's Marketing Analyst, focused on measuring, analyzing, and understanding the social strategy for the most successful social brands in the world.

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