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Announcing LinkedIn Analytics From Simply Measured

LinkedIn has quickly become one of the most important social networks for business users. Connecting companies with potential employees, partners, investors, and customers.

This connection has gotten deeper with LinkedIn’s focus on becoming the business user’s content hub as well. Companies can share updates, products, blog posts, job openings, and company news in one central location.

Starting today, you can measure that activity using Simply Measured’s new LinkedIn reports.

We’ve partnered with LinkedIn to bring you professional level reporting on the professional social network through the beta reporting solution that has been packaged in two comprehensive reports – The Company Report & The Competitive Report – that let you gauge your network activity, engagement, and health in a variety of different ways.

Company Report


The LinkedIn Company Report gives you in-depth metrics about your brand’s activity and network, demonstrating the value of your efforts with the business users you’re engaging.

The Company Report Includes:

  • Types of posts to your company profile (updates, blog links, product updates, job postings, promotions).
  • Geographic data and audience size of members commenting on your updates.
  • Customizable keyword analysis.
  • Engagement and posting frequency trended over time.
  • Industry Analysis.

Industry Break-Down


The industry analysis in the LinkedIn Company Report helps users identify the users their content and profile resonate with the most, and which are most influential. This is important for B2B companies trying to reach customers, companies looking for investors, executives looking for peers and partners, and recruiters looking for new prospects.

This company report is perfect for any business that’s branding itself as a thought leader, industry leader, or just looking to connect with other business users.


Competitive Report


The LinkedIn Competitive report allows you to compare your business against any four competitors you’d like, breaking down audience size, activity, and several other KPIs around your LinkedIn activity.

The Competitive Report Includes: 

  • Share of engagement and company totals.
  • Share of audience and company totals.
  • Engagement trended over time and which company is driving the most conversation.
  • Brand post comparison.
  • Product Update and Recommendation Comparison.


The Product & Recommendation chart is incredibly telling. One of the most unique components of LinkedIn is the ability to position your company’s offerings in a meaningful way. By analyzing how your products are featured and appreciated by your audience, you’re able to get a clear understanding of what your customers, peers and partners are looking for. 


To learn more about LinkedIn, and how Simply Measured can help you understand all of your social networks throughout your marketing team, take a tour, and request a DEMO  today.

Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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