Apple WWDC Social Media Reactions

Apple WWDC Social Media Reactions Adam Schoenfeld Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

Last week, social media was buzzing for The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference. WWDC kicked off with the much anticipated iPhone 4 announcement. As we’re getting set to pre-order tomorrow, we’ve been tracking and analyzing social media activity about the new iPhone. Later this week we’ll be posting an analysis of iPhone conversations following pre-orders, looking at buzz and intent to buy. In preparation for more iPhone analysis, we looked back and analyzed the Twitter and Facebook posts from the first day of WWDC (June 7th, 2010). We captured over 200,000 Tweets and Facebook posts about WWDC during day one of the conference.

In Social Media, iPhone 4 Drove WWDC Buzz (and Mapped to Apple’s Revenue)

WWDC conversations focused on the iPhone at a much greater rate than any other Apple product line. iPhone 4 conversations drew 9.5 times more posts than Mac (the 2nd most mentioned). The iPad, iTunes, and iPod followed in order sharing just 10%.

The social media mix aligns with the WWDC agenda, but it also maps to the relative contribution to Apple’s revenue by product line. The iPhone is now accounting for 40% of Apple’s Revenue in Q2 2010 and has been steadily increasing piece of the pie. If the level of social media buzz for the iPhone 4 is any indication of future sales, we can expect the to see the trend continue. Is Apple becoming a mobile device company first and a computer company second?

iPhone Conversations Focused on Major Hardware Upgrades

The addition of a much improved 5MP Camera with LED flash, video conferencing, and the shiny new device drove the conversation. Mentions of  the camera were the most common with ~25% of total feature specific posts. Video features including FaceTime video calling followed close behind. Other hardware improvements, iOS, the Retina display, performance improvements, and multi-tasking followed.

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