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Are You A Facebook Ads Expert? – Results of Our Quiz

As Facebook algorithms change, organic reach is becoming harder to come by. Because of this, Facebook ads are more important than ever.

Over the past couple months, we’ve tailored a great deal of our content to help marketers with this pressing challenge. Last week, we decided to test what our audience has learned. We kicked off the interactive component of our Facebook Ads content with a quiz hosted on our Facebook page. The quiz was an untraditional form of content, a first for me as a community manager, and thanks to you, a big success.

How Did We Do?

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 11.05.26 AMBecause Are you a Facebook Ads Expert? is such a niche question, I was concerned about the participation levels and difficulty of the quiz. We had two of our own internal experts, Ron Schott and Lindsey McCain, create challenging Facebook Ads trivia questions. Then we mailed out t-shirts to anyone who answered 6/9 questions correctly (they’re Facebook Ads experts, they earned it!).

So, how did the quiz perform?

  • 163 Participants
  • 83 addresses for t-shirts submitted (52 US / 31 International)
  • 31% click through rate
  • 50.6% of participants scored 6 or above

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. Although, I underestimated our audience’s Facebook Ads prowess – shame on me.

How Did You Do?

SM quiz chart

As you can see, our audience crushed it. With an average just above 6/9, our audience demonstrated that they’re absolutely Facebook Ads experts. Way to go guys. Note to self: our audience is wicked smart.

Thank you all for taking our quiz! For more information on Facebook Ads, check out these 10 tips from industry experts. In addition, you can download the the quiz’s Q&As here or by clicking below.

Reveal Our Quiz’s Answers

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