Are Your Vines Growing? New Simply Measured Free Report Helps You Find Out

Are Your Vines Growing? New Simply Measured Free Report Helps You Find Out

Try this Free Vine Report on your own account today.

Vines started weaving their way through the social scene almost immediately after the video-sharing program was introduced to The App Store. Six seconds at a time, they sprouted up in our Twitter feeds.

This last weekend, in a 48 hour period, over 110,000 Vine clips were posted to Twitter. Celebrities posted from The Grammys and Fashion Week, brands created promotional videos, and people with a lot of time on their hands posted some really impressive stop-motion videos of the East Coast snowstorm.

Vine has been adopted in some very unique ways. And if your social brand is part of your business, Vine has already become a great way to reach your audience.

At Simply Measured, our job is to help your brand presence grow, regardless of the networks and tools you’re using. Vine is no exception to that, it just allows us to make better puns while we help that growth.

In that vein, we’ve had our own addition sprout up in our Free Report Marketplace. This all-new Free Vine Tweet Report will help you identify how your Vines are being received, who’s sharing them, and (my favorite part) how your Vines are comparing to other media you share on Twitter.

Take a look at your own Vine Growth and check out what you can learn below.

How Do Your Vines Grow


1. Vines By The Numbers: How many Vines have you Tweeted? How many people have you engaged with them? Who have they reached? This first section breaks down these key metrics to help you see the big picture in regard to your Vine activity.


2. Comparing Media: This is my favorite part of this report. Compare your Vine clips to Instagram, YouTube, and other visual content shared on Twitter. Check out which components are engaging the best, which are being seen the most, and what areas you should focus on.


3. Break It Down: Who are your Vines engaging? Who are the most influential people your Vines have reached? Where do they live? This section helps you pinpoint the important distinctions that can shape how you target your Vine activity. Also, “Vine-Fluencers” is hilarious and you should tell our CEO Adam you think so on Twitter.


4. Top Content: No content analysis is complete without looking at which posts are driving the most engagement. This chart helps you identify which Vines are being retweeted and replied to the most, helping you identify what deserves more focus.

Check out this Free Vine Report to see how your Vines are growing on Twitter.

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I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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