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#ArgyleEComm: Exploring the Pressure for Digital to Drive Revenue

This week, I’ll be heading down to Dallas for Argyle Forum’s 2016 Leadership in E-Commerce Conference. E-Commerce leaders from around the country will gather to share insight, learn new tactics, and develop strategies that they can take back to their teams and deploy.

Joining me at the conference are Kristin Dean, who leads professional services at Simply Measured, and Colin Zalewski, who leads our attribution-focused product marketing programs. Shoot me (@KevinSaysThings), Kristin, or Colin a Tweet if you’re interested in chatting throughout the day, or grabbing a drink after the closing reception.

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I want to talk a bit about why we’re investing in this forum, and why I’m excited to join the conversations happening there.

1. E-Commerce Is Changing How We Do Business

Big shocker, right? While it may not make you faint from surprise to hear that, it’s a major factor for almost any business and should be top-of-mind for everyone in your marketing organization. According to Argyle Forum:

By the end of 2017, e-commerce sales are expected to surpass $400 billion, with mobile commerce driving more than 50% of this revenue.

In an increasingly interconnected digital world, this puts pressure on marketing leaders to create more cohesion between marketing teams than ever before.

It’s clear to me that data is how you do this. Understanding the cross-channel (or omni-channel, if you want to get semantic) experience you’re delivering to your customers is the key to driving more revenue, and more brand awareness. Marketing teams can’t afford to be silo’d anymore, reaching for different KPIs and metrics that don’t align while operating loosely connected campaigns.

I’m looking forward to chatting with digital marketing leaders that are drinking the same Kool-Aid and are working as hard as we are to make that a reality.

2. Dark Social Is Still a Challenge

While e-commerce is a major business-driver, we’re still not properly attributing success across our digital channels. We’ve estimated that more than 50% of the “Direct” traffic to a website is the result of dark social: sharing that takes place on private channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Slack.

Solving the dark social problem is a huge opportunity to uncover insight about your audience’s interests and activity, understand what you can do to move the needle, and unleash that knowledge on your marketing team.

I’m excited to hear how marketing and e-commerce leaders are thinking about this problem, and how we at Simply Measured can help them do it quicker, better, and more effectively.

3. Content Focus FTW

I lead the content team at Simply Measured, and like any digital content team, we’re focused on delivering consistent, engaging, and interactive experiences for our customers. As a B2B company, there is a lot to learn from B2C companies that do this better than anyone.

One of the sessions at the conference is called “Delivering Performance-Driven Content to Drive Omni-channel Engagement” and features speakers from U.S. Bank, Cushman & Wakefield, American Airlines, and Travelocity. I plan on geeking-out heavily.

Come Find Us!

Argyle Forum has set us up with a table near the coffee station. We’ll be there during the breaks to chat with folks, and I’d love to say hi and chat about anything from digital and analytics strategy to last night’s episode of Game of Thrones (NO SPOILERS, I’ll be watching it on the plane).

We’ll also have a fishbowl on the table. Drop your card to enter to win one of three passes to Simply Measured’s annual conference =LIFT(Social,2016).

This no-fluff conference is dedicated 100% to excellence in digital and social marketing, focusing on analytics-driven tactics for increasing brand awareness, and driving more revenue from social channels. Check out the videos from last year’s conference here, and we’ll see you in Dallas!

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