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Audience Profile: What @Hurley’s Top Tweets Can Teach Us

Twitter_Generic4_BlogFrom January 21-February 21, surf brand @Hurley received over 15 million potential impressions…from just 73 Tweets.

That’s a massive amount of eyes on a carefully selected, relatively small amount of content.

So how does @Hurley stay on top of Twitter in the saturated surf apparel and gear market? What do their Twitter followers like seeing from the brand?

The Costa Mesa, CA-based company gets eyes on its content (i.e. impressions) by serving its follower base exactly what it wants, putting a premium on artistic design, partnering with the right folks,  and successfully spotlighting and speaking to the next generation of surf enthusiasts.

The Complete Guide to Social Conversation Analysis

Any brand can emulate @Hurley’s successfully tailored Twitter strategy by analyzing how their existing social audience is reacting and spreading the content they’ve already released. Here’s what @Hurley’s audience is into.

They’re Passionate About Surfing Action Shots

@Hurley’s audience is dedicated to the sport of surfing itself above all else, and photos of the activity consistently drive a ton of impressions for the brand.

This Tweet gave @Hurley the most impressions  during the given time period at 314,793. This Tweet was popular partially because popular Hawaiian surfer Carissa Moore was tagged in the photo and helped to amplify the message by Retweeting it to her 28,980-strong audience.

They’re Into Tattoo Culture

Another huge impressions-driver for @Hurley? Tattoo-related content, design features, and celeb partnerships with folks like Tim Hendricks, a famous tattoo artist. This Tweet received 278,938 potential impressions.

A lot of those impressions came thanks to Tim Hendricks himself, who Retweeted this Tweet to his over 71,000 followers.

But @Hurley isn’t just for tattoo lovers — the @Hurley audience loves  all kinds of artistic design elements on athletic apparel.

In sum, @Hurley’s three Tweets about the Phantom Julian Limited drove 638,306 potential impressions over the course of one month.

Also an impressions-generating feature of these shorts? Their “performance with purpose” to spread breast cancer awareness, a feature you can read more about if you click through on the Bitly link.

They Love Surf Celeb Footage

This Tweet drove almost 250,000 potential impressions for @Hurley.

@Hurley’s Twitter surf video content drives a ton of impressions for the brand, especially because it often gets spread by the fans of the pro surfers featured in the video.

They’re Not Just in it For the Product

@Hurley doesn’t have to Tweet photos of surf shorts to get its impressions machine whirring.

This Tweet received 236,138 potential impressions with the killer combo of  a beautiful photograph, a tag for a super famous surfer, and text that speaks to so many of us busy moderns: a clear, hassle-free schedule.

They’re Fans of the #AusOpenofSurf

Because @Hurley partners so successfully and visibly with surfing events,  they pick up a lot of impressions traction around happenings like the AUS Open of Surfing.

This Tweet received just over 227,000 impressions, showing us that leveraging major industry events is one of @Hurley’s most effective tools in getting eyes on their social content.

They’re Bringing It Home With the Youth 

Between January 21 and February 21, @Hurley derived 1,253,206 potential impressions from original Tweets like this one.

These are Tweets that repped @Hurley’s ultra-young surfers, from 13-16, driving exposure with the next generation of wave- and impression-catchers.

Which Tweets Drive Impressions for Your Brand? 

Let us know in the comments below, and download our juicy Conversation Analysis Guide below to build a deeper understanding of the buzz going on around you.

Lucy Hitz

I’m the Head of Marketing Communications here at Simply Measured, where I'm responsible for our content program, social media marketing, PR, and comarketing ventures. I love yoga, The X-Files, peaty scotch, hiking, and poetry. If I were a social media channel, I’d want to be Instagram, but I think I’m Twitter.

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