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When Is the Best Time to Post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the network for professionals, giving users the ability to network with other professionals, share content, interact with influencers, and navigate the job market with ease. LinkedIn is most useful for B2B companies looking to engage with other businesses, but B2C marketers are still able to target ideal customers through LinkedIn, with the ability to segment their audience based on industry, location, job title, or salary.

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LinkedIn Audience Network
LinkedIn Audience Network

LinkedIn is taking initiative to make marketing on the network easier and more effective. In September, LinkedIn announced the launch of the LinkedIn Audience Network, a native advertising network that enables marketers to reach a larger professional audience by placing sponsored content on relevant third-party publishers across mobile and desktop.

LinkedIn reported that more than 6,000 LinkedIn advertisers participated in their Audience Network beta program and saw anywhere from a 3-13% increase in unique impressions served and up to an 80% increase in unique clicks. The LinkedIn Audience Network has created opportunities for marketers to extend their reach to audiences they haven’t yet engaged.

In August, LinkedIn also jumped onto the video bandwagon by introducing native video to their platform, allowing businesses to share their experiences and expertise with the world and establish authority in their industries through video.

LinkedIn Video

The LinkedIn network now boasts more than 467 million active users, and with its added capabilities to reach new audiences in different ways, it’s important to determine which days and times are going to keep your audience engaged.

Here’s what the data tells us about the best days and times to post on LinkedIn.

Best Days to Post on LinkedIn

Best Days to Post on LinkedIn

According to CoSchedule, LinkedIn posts will be most successful between Tuesday and Thursday. Mondays and Fridays experience extremely low levels of engagement.

While posting on Mondays or Fridays may not produce the highest levels of engagement, you can still take advantage of how these particular days impact working professionals. For example, Mondays can be very busy for people who are prepping for the week ahead. Think of different types of content that might be useful for someone getting back into their work groove by helping them solve problems, organize their ideas, and set them up for a successful week.

This post from Sean Gardner, a notable social media superhero, showcases an infographic to help businesses use social media as a crisis management tool. Finding this type of content on your LinkedIn feed on a Monday would be a great asset in case the week presents any sort of messy situation.

Sean Gardner Infographic

Or go a different route and help ease your audience into their workweek with a motivational, humorous, or entertaining post. Again, here’s Sean Gardner, this time with a motivational quote that could be the perfect way to wrap up the week and offer your audience an inspiring message.

Sean Gardner Motivational Post

Best Times to Post on LinkedIn

Because LinkedIn is a professional social network, the best times to post are during business hours, between 8 AM and 5 PM Tuesday between 10 AM to 11 AM is known to get the most clicks and shares, according to The Huffington Post. Needless to say, sleeping hours most likely will not provide a ton of engagement from working professionals, so avoid posting anything before 6 AM or after 10 PM.

Peak activity windows on LinkedIn are strongly correlated with behavioral routines throughout the day, according to LinkedIn. Be sure to keep this in mind as you post your content to align with activities professionals might be doing at different times during a typical workday. The Balance claims that in order to have your LinkedIn content seen, read, shared, and acted upon, post around lunchtime or immediately before 5 PM.

Frequency of Posts

There is not a ton of evidence to support an optimal number of posts for businesses to reach peak engagement, but LinkedIn reports that 20 posts per month is ideal (this is about 1 post per weekday). This usually gives you about a 60% audience reach.

It’s important to remember that these best days and times to post are general trends and serve only as guidelines as you plan out your LinkedIn campaigns. The best data to inform your social marketing strategies is the data you collect on your own, specific to your brand. Continue to test different days and times, experimenting with various forms of content to determine what works best for your business.

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