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#BlackFriday by the Numbers: How @Kohls Cashed In

blackfridayBlack Friday is a busy time of year for top brands, both in the store and on social media. We decided to take a look at which brands invested heavily on Twitter this year and how it paid off.

For this analysis, I looked at the Interbrand Retail 50 as an industry standard. Interbrand ranks the most valuable retail brands in the world on an annual basis based on market, brand recognition, competitive, and financial data. These are the best retail companies in the world at building and maintaining a brand, which is a prerequisite to a successful social media strategy.

Big Brands on Black Friday

The active brands from the Interbrand list sent 5,600 Tweets collectively over the course of Thanksgiving and Black Friday.


Mentions of top brands shot up in the evening as many finished their meals and began preparing for Black Friday. Looking closer, this is primarily due to Kohl’s. The department store seized a large opportunity that evening to capture attention on Twitter, driving 64% of the mentions of top retail brands.


After many followers finished their meals, Kohl’s kicked off a Black Friday Twitter Trivia Sweeps series of questions and asked participants to answer using both #BlackFriday and #KohlsSweeps. This was a great way to launch a campaign that Kohl’s can easily track while also joining in on the larger #BlackFriday conversation.

Kohl’s sent 299 Tweets over the two-day period, 233 of which were @replies.

Which brands have you seen running holiday campaigns that we should watch? Let us know in the comments, and it might be the next data set I dig into.

Looking For More Info About Retail Brands?

Take a look at the full benchmark report, which analyzes the Interbrand Top 50 Retail Brands. Click below to download this report and learn social media best practices from retail brands, including:

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Michael Thomason

Michael Thomason

Michael is Simply Measured's Marketing Analyst, focused on measuring, analyzing, and understanding the social strategy for the most successful social brands in the world.

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