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Brand Profile: Red Bull’s Cross-Channel Success

Red Bull has built their brand using social media, and been extremely successful at engaging social audiences across all the major networks. This has made it the model that many brands turn to when looking to establish a cohesive social presence.

Red Bull has built a combined social audience of more than 42 million users on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram, and that’s just for its primary accounts on each network. In this brand profile we used Simply Measured’s Complete Social Media Snapshot report to take a look at how one of the world’s most social brands is performing on each of these key networks.

Red Bull’s Social Audience Overview

Social Media Overview

Facebook is Red Bull’s largest audience segment with more than 37 million fans, and makes up nearly 90% of its total social audience. This has been a key network for Red Bull, which now currently ranks among Facebook’s top 10 fan pages.

Red Bull Base Jump

Visually stunning content has contributed to Red Bull’s success on YouTube, where it has cultivated a subscriber audience of 2 million, and on Instagram, the brand’s smallest but most engaged audience.

On Google+, Red Bull has 1.7 million Circlers, however the network remains the brand’s least engaged audience. Twitter is the brand’s most active channel, and a vehicle for sharing content from each network to an audience of nearly one million followers.

Positioning Social Networks for Growth

Red Bull’s network audiences are valuable channels for content distribution, and Red Bull is working to grow all of them.

Red Bull Social Media Audience Growth

On Facebook, Red Bull added more than 200K fans in just two weeks. Although Facebook accounted for the most new fans, YouTube has been Red Bull’s fastest growing channel, with 4.5% subscriber growth.

Red Bull’s YouTube channel was established in 2006, but the brand’s steady stream of profession quality footage continues to build its subscriber audience.

Insgram Snowboard

Instagram is also growing quickly; during the same two week period it was the second fastest growing channel with an audience growth rate of 2.8%, outpacing longer established channels Twitter and Google+.


Delivering Captivating Content

It’s clear that visual content is a major contributor to Red Bull’s success in social; it captures our attention, and it’s often what comes to mind when we think about Red Bull.

Content Breakdown on Social Media Channels

Red Bull made more than 550 brand posts in two weeks. Although many types of content were shared, including photos, videos, and links to Red Bull domains. What captivated users were Red Bull’s photos.

Photos accounted for only 5% of total posts, but resulted in 90% of total engagement. Photos were the top performing content type on all of Red Bull’s social networks, with the exception of YouTube. On Twitter, photos averaged 10X the engagement of videos and links, and more than 5X the engagement of text-only Tweets. On Facebook, photos outperformed video content nearly three to one.

The popularity of Red Bull photography explains why the brand is doing so well on Instagram.

Trended Engagement on Social Media Channels

Although Facebook, with its audience of more than 37 million, was Red Bull’s top network by engagement (297K total engagements), Instagram, with only 600K followers, was a close second with 279K engagements. In fact, Instagram more than doubled Facebook’s per post engagement.

Capitalizing on Opportunities:

Although Instagram is responsible for the most per post engagement, Red Bull made fewer posts to Instagram than any of its other social networks, averaging just 0.6 posts per day.

Instagram Brand Activity and Follower Engagement

With each photo averaging more than 30K Likes and Comments, Red Bull has the potential to significantly increase its engagement on Instagram, just by posting once a day.

Red Bull has done an amazing job of extending its brand presence across each of the major networks, developing and distributing content that captivates us, and it has the potential to do even more.

Every major brand account presents an opportunity for improvement. Whether you have a handful of accounts, or hundreds, measure your complete brand presence. Get started today with Simply Measured’s Cross-Channel Social Performance Report, or Request A Demo.

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