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Brands On Instagram Doing A Lot With A Little

We all know that brands like Nike and MTV are Instagram gold. However, what if Nike didn’t have athletes or celebrities? What if they were selling markers, microprocessors or turbines? Sharpie, Intel and General Electric are, but they’ve cranked up the creativity. These three companies are our Brands on Instagram Doing A Lot With A Little.


sharpie1 sharpie2 sharpie3

At the end of the day, Sharpie sells pens. However, their Instagram account makes it about so much more. Sharpie captures the spirit of their brand and their audience with color and creativity. On Instagram, Sharpie isn’t just selling pens, but self-expression, and people are eating it up.


intel1 intel2 intel3

Intel does a fantastic job at finding interesting and fun ways to create imagery related to their products. Intel manages to relate their brand to their consumers, whether it be through impressive cutting-edge imagery or peering into the past.

General Electric

ge1 ge2 ge3

General Electric gives tech enthusiasts exactly what they want. GE’s Instagram goes behind the scenes, creating a personal connection between everyday people and big industry technology.

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