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Bridging Social and Web: 6 New Google Analytics Reports to Gauge Overall Impact

Bridging Social and Web: 6 New Google Analytics Reports to Gauge Overall Impact

Pairing your brand’s social media presence with quantifiable website data has been a trick that few social magicians can master. But like every magician, a good assistant can make all the difference.

Simply Measured has been your trusted assistant for social analytics and reporting, and now we’re excited to announce that our new socially driven Google Analytics reporting tools will help you bridge the gap between your social data and your website traffic.

Before you scroll any further, I’d recommend you put on Al Green’s “Simply Beautiful” because these reports are about to romance your eyes. Once you’re ready, take a look at what this new insight can bring to your overall digital strategy.

These six initial reports are each specifically designed to give you insight into your traffic and users’ activity throughout their experience with your brand. Here’s a small sample of the insight you can expect to gain from these reports.

Measure the Impact of Your Social Traffic: The Social Traffic Report connects your web and social engagement statistics, providing clear and concise details on your traffic, which social networks are driving the highest quality users, and how your social traffic compares to that of all other segments.


Track the Effect of a Single Tweet: The Tweet-To-Site Analysis allows a clear picture of how Twitter impacts your web traffic, from impressions down to site visits and conversions. Drill down to see how much time visitors are spending on your site in relation to specific tweets, so you can optimize your content and campaigns based on the impact of individual tweets. This report also breaks down the Twitter users who are actively sharing links to your site and the traffic that those influencers helped drive.


Understand the Entire Social Impact of Your Blog; Not Just Page Views: Your blog can be the best way to convert social traffic into site traffic that drives business. With the Google Analytics Blog Performance Report, you can analyze your traffic by posts: which have the most visits, which networks those visits are coming from, which posts are being shared the most and where. Your content is what brings people to your site. With the Blog Performance Report, you can make sure it’s bringing the right traffic to your site.


Discover Which Pages of Your Site Track Throughout Different Networks: Which pages are bringing in the most traffic for your site? Which are being shared across social networks? The Landing Page Analysis will help answer these questions, as well as determining pages with highest bounce rates, analyzing week-over-week results, and setting goals and objectives for pages. The Landing Page Analysis is the best way to determine whether you’re improving your quality of traffic, and which sources are helping you do so.


Determine Who Drives Traffic to Your Site: Which people and brands in your social network are driving visits through their social content? Who has the highest Klout score or largest audience? This report can help you determine where your promotional efforts should be focused and who your biggest supporters are.


Compare Traffic Sources and Analyze Key Performance Metrics Across All Channels and Sources: The Traffic Source Analysis brings all your website traffic into one easy to manage and present report, connecting what’s happening in social, search, referral, and paid segments to the activity of users throughout your website. This report is great to share your insights on a higher level across departments to demonstrate value and analyze need.


If you’re a Simply Measured customer, the Google Analytics reports and instruction guide are waiting for you in your dashboard. If you’re not already a customer, see what our Social Google Analytics Reports can bring to your business: Take one of our Free Reports for a spin or reach out today to request a demo.



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I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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