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Celebrities and Sexy Products Spark YouTube Buzz on Twitter

What do NBA star Lebron James, golfer Lee Westwood, and the video game Zelda have in common? They’ve all helped spark engagement for brands in YouTube videos on Twitter.

Twitter Benchmarks
Q4 2014

Brands putting time, money, and effort into high-quality videos to share on Twitter should consider celebrities and product placements  to get fans engaged, according to our Q4 2014 Twitter Benchmark Report data.

The following the is a round-up of the top 10 YouTube videos from the Interbrand 100 Top Globals Brands on Twitter by engagement per follower in Q4 2014.

Celebs All Day

Let’s start off with our top performer, UPS, and their 3D printer outing with British pro golfer Lee Westwood. Did you know that UPS offers in-store 3D printing? Now, you do.

This video follows the  process of  creating a replica of Lee Westwood’s putter. Westwood’s impressed, and so are UPS fans, with 1,420 retweeting, favoriting, or replying to a Tweet of the  video. This video takes both the first and sixth places on our top ten list.

Just behind Westwood and the dazzling putter, we have King James and his return home to play basketball on a public court in Akron, Ohio. This “first home game” leaves you rooting for Ohioans everywhere and feeling the heart tug that a hometown hero can bring.

The video takes up the second, third, and fourth slots on our top 10 list, amassing 2,047 favorites and 1,140 Retweets. Yes, Sprite is featured, but the camera is pointed at James and his adoring fans to give Sprite’s #obeyyourthirst campaign the win.

Next on our list of “celebrities” is management and technology consulting firm Accenture’s Chairman and CEO Pierre Nanterme. In their fifth place video, he talks about the Accenture Hybrid Cloud Solution for Microsoft Azure, getting a good amount of positive sentiment in the form of 117 Retweets and 614 favorites. Apparently, Accenture knows what its Twitter audience wants, fresh information served up in an authoritative, but friendly, style by Nanterme.

Products Made Provocative

As we found in our analysis of winning imagery on both Facebook and Instagram last quarter, Gillette’s Flexball razor playing piano keys wowed followers, earning Gillette the seventh spot on our list.

Meanwhile, Nintendo fans – devoted, adoring, and enthusiastic – loved a more than 30-minute update on The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, and other Nintendo news. The video came in eighth place, with 1,925 total engagements and replies filled with positivity, including “TAKE MY WALLET, TAKE IT NOW. MUAH I KISS IWATA!!!!” Iwata is Nintendo’s reigning CEO and his team’s work on a 3D version of Majora’s Mask has everyone excited.

The last two high-engagement-per-follower videos on our list come from SAP and Cartier. SAP’s video about “A New Way to Run Your Business” enjoyed a modest total of 213 engagements but that counted for enough of their 144,000 followers to make our list.

And, last on the list, jewelry and watch maker Cartier shared a charming video of playful panthers knocking Cartier gift boxes down from the clouds above Paris to land under the Christmas trees of unsuspecting inhabitants. Cheerful holiday music plays and the Cartier maintains its image as an international, sophisticated, luxury brand. The video earned them 221 engagements in Q2.

Your Experience

Have you posted many YouTube  videos on Twitter?  Which tactics or content worked best for you? Leave a comment and let us know if celebrities or product placements brought you similar or different results.

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