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CES 2013 by the Numbers: How Tech Trends Rise Through Social Media

CES 2013 by the Numbers: How Tech Trends Rise Through Social Media

Now that CES is over and the participants are (hopefully) all recovered from a week in Las Vegas, we decided to crunch the final numbers and answer some important questions.

Who won? What did people care about? Is 2013 the year robots take over the world? CES has perennially been the place to watch for coming trends in the tech word, and which brands will be leading the way with new developments.

We tracked #2013CES, #CES, #CES2013 and #CES13 on Twitter during the entire show.

Social media has altered the scope of big conventions over the last few years. The social community’s response to a specific announcement or piece of tech has the ability to shape, shift or completely change the direction of a product. Brands are now able to track conversations in real-time to see their impact. This mutually beneficial relationship is never more important than at trade shows like CES.

Take a look at what you were talking about, which brands can chalk CES up as a win, and which tech was abuzz at CES 2013.

table v2

Samsung had the lions share of engagement from the 351,355 CES tweets. This table was almost surprising to see because Samsung started the conference with a massive press conference featuring former president Bill Clinton that led to 11% of the pre-show buzz, so by comparison, the rest of the show was quiet for the massive electronics company…but that wasn’t actually the case.  Samsung unveiled dozens of new gadgets, products and prototypes. One of their most compelling products was the technology they’ve been developing for a durable, bendable smartphone screen made out of plastic that earned a healthy round of applause.

It’s not only the big guys making big waves though. Razer seems to have a hit with their new Edge (get it? The Razer Edge?) gaming tablet. The tablet, which can be packaged with a controller attachment, hooked up to a keyboard and mouse for PC-style gaming or played on the fly, was a big hit among gamers, and Razer has seen some decent Twitter buzz because of it and cracked the top 20 brands being talked about.

key trends

The Razer gaming tablet led to a spike in “gaming” conversations using the CES hashtags, but the biggest tech trend from the show was far and away TVs. Samsung, Sony and a handful of other brands debuted new “4K” TVs which are basically IMAX screens for your living room. With a resolution of 3180 x 2160, there isn’t even content for these 4K TVs yet, but Samsung and Sony brass promise that this is coming to an 85-inch screen near you.

Another hot topic – and a much more surprising one – was healthcare. Led by Verizon’s push for their new iHealth platform that will allow doctors and patients help manage terminal illness more effectively. The insight that this type of tech and involvement has audiences’ interests piqued could drive more brands to become active in the healthcare tech field over the coming year.

top users by followerstop users by klout
As always, CES drew the attention of some very influential people in the Twitter space. Rolling Stone Magazine, 50 Cent, Ludacris and Forbes all weighed in on the festivities.

top domains

CNET owned the “top tweeted domain” category for the show. Over 10,000 links to their main CES domain were tweeted, and over 2,000 links to their “reviews” section were added to that. CNET brought over 40 writers, bloggers, reviewers and editors to the event, which allowed them quite a bit of bandwidth as they covered releases and presentations.

Gizmodo, Mashable and Engadget also ranked among top tweeted news outlets.

volume trend

Overall, Twitter trended similar to past years, but with higher volumes and bigger spikes from announcements. The three spikes on Day 0 coincide directly with Sony, Samsung, and Qualcomm’s big presentations.

total distribution by hour

Over the course of the show, conversations saw spikes at 9AM and again at 2PM, with 9-12 being the most popular time for tweets each day.

brand volume trendedThat daily bump was caused mainly by announcements form the major brands at the conference. Panasonic, Samsung, and HP all had announcements shortly after 9AM on different days of the conference.

Overall, it’s safe to say that speculation of a drop in interest without Microsoft headlining was false. CES 2013 was as big as expected. What was your favorite release?

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