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#CES2014 by The Numbers: Day 2 With Marissa Mayer & Sony Playstation

Day 2 of CES may not have had Michael Bay walking off the stage, or T-Mobile’s CEO getting tossed out of AT&T’s Macklemore concert…but that allowed us to focus on new tech instead of celebrities…Nah, I’m just kidding; Marissa Mayer had John Legend!

While Samsung, Intel and LG dominated Twitter conversations using the official #CES2014 hashtag on Day 1, the second day belonged to Playstation and Mayer’s Yahoo network. We’re tracking the conversation, and will continue to post daily updates on the Simply Measured blog. If you’re interested in a specific topic or chart for your publication, email us here:

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#CES20 2

Sony’s Share

Sony has been unveiling new tech throughout the event. What type of tech? I’m glad you asked, fictional reader:

1389188214000-GTY-461062413Sony 4K Camcorder: Sony is putting a lot of stock in 4K technology, which is said to have 4X the resolution of HD video. Sony’s new 4K “handycam” will sell for $1,999, which is really cheap for a 4K camcorder, apparently (for contrast, their last 4K camcorder was $4,500).  4K has been a hot topic at CES this year, with the term “4K” appearing in 8,403 #CES2014 tweets…which is cool, but how am I supposed to send Snapchats with that?

Andrew House, CES,Playstation Now Cloud Service: Sony CEO Kazuo Harai announced the new Playstation Now cloud solution, which will allow gamers to instantly access and play their favorite games from older generations of Playstation. The best part of this new feature is that you’ll be able to play your Playstation games on other devices (tablets, laptops, etc). Which is terrible…once I can play Uncharted on my iPad, I won’t get ANYTHING done at work.

xperia-z1-compact-gallery-03-1240x840-379a94f1ecf7a07d51b8e1393ed8c189-610x413Xperia Z1 Compact: A 20.7 megapixel camera with a 4.3 inch screen…oh, and it has a phone in there too. I love my iPhone, but this one is hard to ignore. I don’t even know what I’d DO with a 20.7 megapixel camera…Take pictures of life on other planets from my balcony, I guess…


117403034-1324Marissa Mayer’s keynote took an hour, but it didn’t bore the audience. She shared the stage with John Legend, cast members from Saturday Night Live, Tumblr CEO David Karp, and Katie Couric. Mayer iterated on Yahoo’s increasing focus on mobile, telling the crowd that they plan to have 3.8 billion devices connected by 2017. As an ex-newspaper journalist who now spends his days talking Twitter and Facebook, it’s refreshing to hear about the network’s commitment to making journalism in the digital and tablet age a viable and trusted resource. Also, John Legend? His soulful voice is just delightful.

Which CES trends are you most excited about? 

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