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Community Manager Monday: CMs “Doing It Right” – Jacob Curtis

jacob-curtis-For our final interview of Community Manager Mondays, we roll on to Jacob Curtis. Curtis has extensive experience in social media management, social strategy and content creation which led him a position at Bonfire Marketing, as a Community Manager. We caught up with Jacob and asked him about his experiences as a CM.

How does community benefit your company as a whole?

When you’ve grown a community of like-minded individuals who are interested in what you do, the benefits can be endless. Social networks provide the perfect stage for communication; add a dash of the right content and you’ll begin to see conversations take place.

Which platforms do you use to market your business?

I’ve spent the majority of my time marketing on Facebook before fan pages we’re even available. Though social media has become much more mainstream since then, and full of competition, I still prefer it. Most recently I’ve grown quite fond of Twitter and more importantly Google+ as well. However, when it comes down to it, I prefer to market on whichever platform the community I’m targeting invests the majority of their time on. There’s no point in broadcasting when there’s no one there to tune-in.

What do you have to provide to a community to foster growth?

I’ve been doing this social media stuff for a while now and I’ve boiled growing a community down to these three main things: Consistent branding, frequent relevant content, and advertising. Aside from that, you have to provide a community with a mixture of entertainment, authenticity, and attention for it to thrive.

What are some common mistakes that are made on social and how do you work to avoid them?

Spelling has got to be number one. Some other common mistakes are not listening to your audience. If they aren’t responding to your messaging you should change it up, not keep doing it and expect different results. Another big pet-peeve of mine is inconsistency across channels. For example, I’ve seen very pricy websites that look gorgeous include a link back to their Facebook page that has no cover image or recent posts. I feel that your online first impression is crucial to potential community members and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

What in your opinion is the most satisfying thing about being a CM?

For me, I am most satisfied when I see an update I’ve created really resonate with fans. I love crafting the copy and imagery of a post, sending it out, and watching as conversations build around it. Not every post is going to be a home run, and it does take practice to figure out which type of content your community prefers, but if you can recognize areas for improvement and make strategic changes, you will find the winning combinations.

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