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Creative Social Media Campaign Planning: A Fail-Proof Process and Your Essentials

Today, Tanya Cramp (Global Digital Content Manager at Hard Rock) and I had a conversation about gut checks, collaborative strategies, and the process of creative campaign planning.


You can find the recording here: 

We discussed how you should never create a campaign in isolation, and divulged tactics for getting buy-in from stakeholders. A major theme was mapping your creative campaigns to larger business objectives.

Another major theme was making sure your creative campaign is connected to a specific goal, whether that is building a larger, more engaged Instagram community or driving more online bookings. One tip we gave was listing your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) towards the beginning of the creative campaign planning process: How will you know you’re achieving your campaign objective?

Example: Increase engagement and reach metrics by 10% over the course of a Facebook campaign

  • Aligned – With the strategic goals and objectives of your organization
  • Attainable  Should have data that can be easily obtained
  • Acute – Should keep everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction
  • Accurate Should be reliable and accurate
  • Actionable  Give you actionable insight into campaign performance
  • Alive – Your business and marketplace is always growing and changing. Your KPIs should be flexible and evolve, as well.

Alignment was another theme that kept coming up again and again during the webinar.

Tanya broke down her four core steps when putting together a multi-channel creative campaign:

  1. Establish goals and objectives that support operations and marketing
  2. Align on messaging
  3. Research. And research some more.
  4. Brainstorm campaign and innovative approach (platforms, creative, etc.)

For more details, check out the deck here: 

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