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Bring All Your Social Channels Together: The Cross-Channel Social Performance Report

Which channels are resonating the most with my community? Which one is giving me the maximum results for the most minimal amount of effort? Which types of content should I use for my next campaign? How should I prioritize my resources for the next fiscal year?

Serious marketers understand that you can’t make these types of strategic decisions by looking at your social channels in a vacuum — you have to understand the big picture. But with data coming from so many social networks (and sometimes from multiple profiles on each network) cross-channel measurement can be arduous.

Luckily, the Cross-Channel Social Performance Report is up to the challenge.

Our newest report is designed to help you aggregate, standardize, and compare your social performance, both owned and earned, across seven different social networks. And whether you have one profile on each network or 100, you can include as many as you like, enabling you to make the most strategic and effective decisions possible.

To learn more about how the Cross-Channel Social Performance report enables social marketers to do their best work, check out the highlights below.

Standardize the way you report across social networks

Looking at each network in silo means missing out on important trends and opportunities. To help in your quest for a holistic understanding, our report aggregates data from seven social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, and Google+. Channel-specific metrics are standardized into a single visual designed to help you understand where each channel falls.

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Optimize your strategy with detailed analytics for channel health, content performance, and user engagement

Once aggregated, side-by-side comparisons of important cross-channel metrics can be used to address some of your biggest business decisions, like how to prioritize your resources based on the network that gives you the highest return or the type of content that resonates the most across networks.

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Choose how you share the data with scorecards and presentation slides

Simply Measured reports don’t just give you a dump of all the available data. Each table, chart, and calculation is deliberately chosen by our team of expert analysts, each with expertise in social, data science, and data visualization. We then organize your data in a way that tells you the story of your performance — enabling you to more easily and effectively share with your teammates and stakeholders.

Through conversations with our customers, it’s evident that these stories are often told in different ways. Scorecards are used to share a quick performance snapshot, while detailed Powerpoint presentations are created in order to tell the complete narrative. Our new reporting format will get you even closer to whichever way you decide to share your performance with pre-built scorecards and presentations, easily customizable within Powerpoint.

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Quickly determine how performance changed over time with period-over-period comparisons

To properly gauge effectiveness, smart marketers contextualize their social data by comparing performance against the previous period. It’s an important practice, and it shouldn’t take you extra time. That’s why you’ll now see PoP change for in the Cross-Channel Social Performance report.

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Track conversations outside your owned channels with monitored keywords

Social activity doesn’t stop at your owned channels — it’s also valuable to see how off-profile conversations about your brand campaigns stack up. Our report tracks all of the hashtags and keywords important to your brand so you can identify why they ebbed, flowed, and see how the results compared to the previous period.

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For maximum impact, we recommend scheduling the Cross-Channel Social Performance Report in tandem with your regular reporting periods.

Want to learn more about cross-channel metrics? Download our new white paper.

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