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Cross-Channel Video Analytics from Simply Measured

With video becoming an integral part of marketing strategies, we at Simply Measured set out to provide you with a holistic view of video performance.

Now live in all accounts, you can analyze the video performance on your Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts, and YouTube channels individually or in aggregate.

How Long Does Your Audience Watch?

Video retention, available for your Facebook and YouTube profiles, tells you how far your audience gets through your videos. Analyze overall retention to gauge your audience’s attention span and the efficacy of your video content.  

Dive into retention for a single video to identify where content may have been confusing, uninteresting, or unappealing to your audience, so you can optimize future video content. 

Which Channel Performs Best for Video Content?

Video Distribution

Compare video performance on each of your active social channels to identify which one gives you the most bang for your buck. Is your audience watching longer on Facebook or YouTube? On which channel is your audience engaging most with your video content? Where is video amplification—AKA sharing—most prominent? How can you optimize your video distribution?

How Did Your Campaign Perform?

Analyzing your entire video library is educational, but analyzing smaller, campaign-specific video groups can be a game-changer.


Filter down to video data for a specific campaign to see which videos are getting the most views, understand why, and discover trends that can guide future video content planning.

Is Your Video Strategy Improving?

With period-over-period change indicators for major KPIs, you can quickly see if posting more videos is leading to a positive response from your audience. Compare the change in video views and total engagement to the change in total number of videos posted.

Ideally, you’ll want video views and total engagement to grow at a higher percentage than your videos posted.

Period-over-period changes to number of videos posted, video views, and total engagement.

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