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D11 Conference: Recap & Stats

Yesterday wrapped up The Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conference. Over the last couple days, those following the event on Twitter were able to get a glimpse into the top minds in tech.

We tracked Twitter mentions for the event hashtag, #D11 using Simply Measured’s Twitter Activity Report, and are excited to show off the stats, including which of the top players were most discussed at this year’s conference.

Speaker Mentions

D11 Speaker Mentions on Twitter

There were nearly 20k mentions of this year’s event on Twitter. Conversation spikes surrounding the conference mapped closely to mentions of individual guest speakers.

Topping the list of most influential speakers was Apple CEO, Tim Cook, who was mentioned in nearly a quarter of all Tweets using the #D11 hashtag. Behind Cook was Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and Founder of SpaceX, followed by Mary Meeker, who’s anticipated Internet Trends Report earned her a top spot.

Much of this year’s event coverage focused on the top three speakers  and collectively they received over 8k mentions, (more than 40% of total conference mentions).

Brand Mentions

D11 Twitter Brand Mentions

Brand mentions were much less prevalent than speaker mentions, highlighting the fact that D11 is a conference focused on individual thought leaders and their insights into how consumer technology is evolving in their respective industries.

By comparison, the top three brands Apple, Twitter, and Tesla were mentioned in only 27% of Tweets, and mostly in reference to individual guest speakers.

Top Cities

D11 Top Cities

As you might expect, conversation was centered around the event’s location in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, but was also closely followed and discussed in other key cities for digital media and technology innovation.

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