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Daily Data: The 3 Twitter Metrics You Should Track Every Single Day

As a community manager, your job is to keep your finger on the pulse of your audience, and a solid understanding of those relationships as a whole. This requires regular and consistent measurement. Which data should you be looking at everyday, rain or shine, even on your days off, no matter what?

The data that will immediately alert you to a PR crisis, windfall, or industry event that’s unfolding on social media – and give you insight that goes beyond surface, but not so deep that you’re spending half the day clicking through posts and charts just to know what’s going on.

Read on to learn the best metrics for judging your social media presence on a daily basis, broken down by network for Twitter.

Total Mentions

Screenshot 2014-06-23 08.16.57
You’ll know if you’re getting a ton of attention (positive or negative) in a jiffy by checking out your Total Mentions. If this number usually hovers around 200, and today you’re at 1,621, either your campaign is going swimmingly or you’ve got a serious problem. Check the number, check the pulse.

Most Retweeted Tweets

Screenshot 2014-06-23 08.52.41

Which of your Tweets are getting the most love? What’s capturing your audience’s attention? Get a nice overview by knowing which Tweets are performing well, and which are falling flat. This is a good way to plan for tomorrow’s Tweets, too.

Top Tweeted Links

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 2.13.00 PMKnowing the top links that are being Tweeted out with mention of your brand shows you what’s being said about your brand and gives you a nice reading list to begin or end the day with.

It also provide guidance when it comes to which of the links you originally disseminated are catching on. It may surprise you how often links you plant one week may only take root a few weeks later.

Which metrics do you check everyday?

Are you more interested in competitive metrics or brand-centric metrics? What do you see as the value of a daily check-in? Shout it out in the comments below!

Lucy Hitz

I’m the Head of Marketing Communications here at Simply Measured, where I'm responsible for our content program, social media marketing, PR, and comarketing ventures. I love yoga, The X-Files, peaty scotch, hiking, and poetry. If I were a social media channel, I’d want to be Instagram, but I think I’m Twitter.

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