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Despite a Rocky Road, 59% of Top Brands Are Now Active on Instagram [STUDY]

Despite a Rocky Road, 59% of Top Brands Are Now Active on Instagram [STUDY]

With 90 million monthly active users, 40 million photos per day, and 8,500 likes per second, Instagram has now managed to attract 59% of the world’s top brands. The past three months have seen a number of new feature and policy changes on the network, creating both incentives for brands to adopt, but also a backlash among users.

This is the third release of our quarterly study, which looks at how brands are growing their audiences and driving engagement on Instagram. We have continued to see strong audience growth for brands that adopted early, and a widening gap for those who have yet to create an account.

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Nate Smitha

I’m a Marketing Manager at Simply Measured. It’s my job to deliver content in a way that engages and informs social media professionals. My areas of expertise are marketing automation, conversion and social media analytics.

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