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Do You Have the Right People on Your Social Team?

In 2010, all you needed to run a social media program was someone who could throw out a Tweet every now and then, and post to your Facebook page a few times a week. It was a side-responsibility for someone on your marketing team.

Building a social media team isn’t easy in 2015. Your social team needs to answer questions that are much more complex than they were a few years ago.

  • What should our social goals be?
  • Where is our audience?
  • What content works the best?
  • Can we drive revenue? Should that be our focus?
  • Who do we partner with?

I could go on for hours. I talk with social marketers every day, and the challenges they face are complex. Big challenges mean they need people who are equipped to solve them, but where do you start?

Building Your Social Team Based on Needs

As social marketing grows, needs mirror other parts of the marketing organization, with responsibilities falling squarely into tactical or strategic categories. Even if you’re the only person managing social media for your company, breaking tasks and tactics into these two categories is essential to success.

The Social Media Org Chart

When you break your team up by core function, you create a framework for success that can make a real difference across your marketing organization.

Do You Have the Right People on Your Social Team?

In our new guide How to Build a Better Social Team, we walk through the key needs of social teams, highlighting research and interviews with hundreds of social marketers, the key competencies needed for your social roster, and the required skills for each role.

Download this social guide to get:

  • A quick look at the state of social marketing across the globe
  • Examples of social team structures across different organizations and industries
  • The four core competencies needed on every social media team
  • Job description templates for common social media roles

…and much more. Click below to download the guide!

Get everything you need to analyze the metrics that matter

How to Build a Better Social Media Team


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